Knowing the Key to Overcoming Obesity | Diet Tips

Obesity is a risk factor for various chronic diseases. If obesity is not treated quickly and appropriately, obese people are at risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. They also risk heart disease, gallbladder disease, cancer, and reproductive disorders (hormone disorders, PCOS, infertility).

The Main Key In Overcoming Obesity

One of the efforts in overcoming obesity is a healthy eating arrangement.

Obesity or obesity is a health condition that is now considered a disease by various world health agencies. There are several ways to determine obesity by measuring:

  • Body mass index (BMI) 
  • Waist size 
  • The ratio of waist and hip circumference (RLPP)
  • Thick skin folds 
  • Body fat levels measured using a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)

Of these various ways, measuring body mass index is the most commonly used method because it is relatively easy.

We can calculate BMI by dividing the body weight in kilograms by height in square meters. You can use this IMT calculator to find out whether your value is average or not.

How many calories for fat people to lose weight?

Before undergoing a diet to overcome obesity, it must be known how many calories are needed in a day. To calculate how much calorie requirement is required, it must first be known how much weight ideally. After that, you can calculate the calorie needs to be needed so that weight can go down.

The most common way to calculate the weight is the Broca formula:

Ideal weight (kg) = [height (cm) - 100] - [(height (cm) - 100) x 10%]

If it has been obtained how much the ideal body weight, then the figure can be incorporated into caloric needs. This calculation will usually also be affected by several factors such as gender and the intensity of physical activity performed daily. To find out how many calories it needs, we can use a calorie calculator.

If the current weight with ideal weight too far, it will produce a difference in caloric intake is quite far also. Thus, reducing calories will usually be made until it reaches the number of calorie needs by ideal body weight.

The calories to be trimmed during this diet therapy are between 500-1000 calories. Dietary treatment is done called a low-calorie diet that is reliable enough to overcome obesity or overweight.

Choosing the right foods to overcome obesity 


For carbohydrate intake, choose foods that contain complex carbohydrates full of fiber such as oats, pasta from wheat, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread, and potatoes. Avoid the selection of carbohydrates that contain simple sugars.

Not to forget, vegetables and fruit as the essential food components for obese people. In addition to carbohydrates as energy, vegetables, and fruits also contain fiber needed by the body.


We can consume two types of proteins, namely Nabateans protein and animal protein. Vegetable proteins such as tofu or animal protein choose the kind of protein that tends to low fat, such as fish and chicken meat without skin. Reduce consumption of red meat: animal offal, and sources of food containing a protein with fried-fried.


The source of fat is usually obtained from various types of oil. So choose healthy oils like olive oil, canola oil, and avocado oil. Avoid fried foods because they contain trans fats and high saturated fats that can add body fat deposits.

How to eat a good diet a day? 

Overcoming obesity with diet does not mean eating only once a day or even not eating all day. The body still needs to eat to produce energy. We can still eat three meals a day, even with two distractions a day.

For example, breakfast at 7 o'clock, then continued to eat morning distraction around 10. Lunch at noon, then eat the interlude at around 4 pm and dinner at 6 or 7 pm.

This time setting can vary from person to person because this depends on how much weight during obesity. The farther the range between ideal body weight and current weight, the longer it takes.

It also depends on the lifestyle that is lived, and physical activity is done every day. But clearly, the normal weight loss in one week is about 0.5 to 1 kg. If the weight drops suddenly, then there may be specific health problems that are being experienced.

Another way to do to overcome obesity 

In addition to eating arrangements, weight loss programs consist of physical activity settings as well. Choose the type of exercise that is lived with a combination of aerobic exercise and exercise that exercises muscle strength.

Besides, some people also require behavioral therapy to manage their lifestyle for the better.

In some instances, it takes a drug or surgery to overcome obesity. However, not all cases of obesity will be directly given intervention with both of these options.

In some instances, it takes a drug or surgery to overcome obesity. However, not all cases of obesity will be directly given intervention with both of these options. 

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