Know the type of Medical thermometer | Medical Grade Thermometer

Based on its function, a thermometer is used to measure temperature. There are various types of thermometers on the market, depending on their function and usage. The shape is also different and adapted to individual needs.  This article will only review the thermometers used in the medical field. From the simplest thermometer to the most sophisticated type. Here are the types of thermometers used in the medical-related:

Mercury thermometer

As the name implies, this thermometer serves to measure the temperature of a human body. Measuring media used using mercury or commonly called mercury. Mercury thermometer has a high level of accuracy. The disadvantage of this thermometer is the long reading time. This mercury-type thermometer is not suitable for measuring baby's and children's body temperature because of the long reading time. The consideration is that children tend to be active and keep moving, so that taking body temperature data is relatively more difficult. The mercury body temperature thermometer is very vulnerable to fall because it is made of glass, prone to rupture.

mercury thermometer

Digital  thermometer

This digital thermometer is made from flexible plastic material with a sensor tip at the end. This thermometer has a small seven-segment LCD screen as a display of the measured temperature information. The time needed for this thermometer to show the final result of the measurement is 60 seconds. Just like a mercury thermometer, this digital thermometer must be in direct contact with the object to be measured.
body thermometer

Ear Thermometer

This digital thermometer for ears uses infrared technology to determine the temperature of the object being measured. This ear thermometer also features a seven-segment LCD screen for reading measurement results. The time needed for this thermometer to show the final measurement results only takes 1 second. Before using this thermometer, the lens filter is installed on the probe for safety cover. This lens filter also serves to prevent the transmission/transmission of bacteria from one person to another.
ear thermometer

Non-contact Forehead Thermometer

The forehead thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of the object being measured. The ear thermometer's difference is that this forehead thermometer does not use a cover to wrap the probe. To make a measurement, take a distance of about 10 cm, aim at the forehead and press the measuring button. Direct measurement results can be obtained in just 1 second. This thermometer is called non-contact because there is no direct contact with the patient measured by body temperature.
non contact forehead thermometer

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