Conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eye

Conjunctivitis is a medical term from a condition or red eye disease or better known to ordinary people. Synonim: Conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes

Cause of conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis occurs because the conjunctiva (mucous membrane of the eye) is infected by the following factors:

  • Bacteria and germs.
  • Virus.
  • Allergy to something, such as wind, smoke, feathers, dust, and powder.
  • The use of long-term contact lenses or due to less clean.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis
Patients with conjunctivitis will generally experience several symptoms such as the following:
Eyes reddened.

  • Remove dirt/ secretions.
  • Feels itchy, painful, hot and runny.
  • Sand feeling in the eyes.
  • Sometimes accompanied by fever and headaches
  • Easily transmitted to both eyes or to others

If the disease gets worse, the sufferer will have difficulty opening the eyelids when he wakes up in the morning or if he closes his eyes too long

Type of conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis has several types, depending on the cause as follows:

  • Vernal Conjunctivitis
    Vernal conjunctivitis is caused by sensitivity to something, such as changes in seasons and  temperature
  • Catalyst conjunctivitis
    Catalytic conjunctivitis is caused by viruses or allergies
  • Conjunctivitis Flikten
    Flikten conjunctivitis is caused by a germ infection or systemic fungi (in the body) or allergies. This type of conjunctivitis is of the severe type, especially if it has hit the cornea
  • Gonococcal conjunctivitis
    Gonococcal conjunctivitis is unique because it occurs due to fluid coming out of the genitals that touch the eyes. Not all genital fluids are dangerous. The fluid that can cause eye disorders, is a liquid containing germicidal gonorrhea.


Treatment of conjunctivitis

The treatment of conjunctivitis varies depending on the type. You should immediately go to the doctor to get the right treatment.

Prevention of conjunctivitis
Prevention of conjunctivitis, especially those caused by viruses is important to know because this type of conjunctivitis is very contagious. If anyone is affected, other people can also be infected. To prevent transmission of conjunctivitis due to this virus, there are several steps we can take.

  • Do not touch objects, especially those that have been exposed to the patient's tears.
  • Do not use a towel or handkerchief that the sufferer has used.
  • Try not to get close to sufferers who also experience coughing and sneezing
  • Avoid swimming with sufferers.

The simple thing is no less important is to always wash your hands properly and as often as possible.

People with conjunctivitis should not move outside the home to prevent the spread of the disease.

In the mild stage, viral conjunctivitis can heal on its own between 2-3 weeks. To reduce discomfort can be done cold compresses on the eyes. If it gets worse, don't hesitate to see a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.

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