5 Basic Parenting Patterns that Every Parent Should Know

When children begin to learn many things, both academically and while living life in general, their first teacher is their parents. That is why, parents have a big responsibility in providing appropriate care for children. Every parent needs to have a good parenting basis so that children can grow to be personal in accordance with the surrounding community.

What do parents need? Here is the list.

1. All children are intelligent children
Parents should properly instill this mindset in their brains, that every child born has their own intelligence. If a child is not very good at math, he may be good at science and language or may even have achievements in certain sports.

Howard Gardner, a psychologist from Harvad University suggests that every parent should develop children's intelligence according to their intelligence, be it verbal-linguistic, logic-mathematical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, or existential intelligence.

2. Every child has its own way of processing different information.
Because children are born differently as individuals, the way they process information received is different.
The speed of understanding things or applying them in life can vary. Parents need to know the child's learning style so that they can maximize their children's potential and talents.

3. Every child is a good child
Children are plain white sheets of paper, we will direct them. Parents have responsibility for their children. Parental education has a big influence on a child's life and mindset. Every child is good, and parents should avoid giving negative labels to children such as naughty, fussy, stupid, fussy and so on. This term will also give negative direction for children.

4. Every child has the right to choose
Every child has rights he has had since birth, including the right to vote. Children have the right to decide what is best for them.

5. Every effort made by the child deserves appreciation
Every failure is natural, or results that do not meet our expectations are common. Every child's effort deserves appreciation, not criticized or blamed. Appreciation given does not need to be in the form of goods, can be with praise, pat the child's shoulder, hug the child, and so forth. Simple forms of appreciation can actually entertain children and make them learn to respect themselves and others.

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