How to Block Adult Content on Youtube

Knowing how to block adult content on YouTube for children is something that parents must do. Because, there is no denying that there are currently a lot of adult content on YouTube. While currently not only adults who watch Youtube. Children also watch Youtube. What's the solution?

Considering that in the child's growth and development children should be kept away from negative things, including adult content. Children should not see things that should not be seen at their age. Because, if children see adult content, this makes their psychological development disturbed. As a result, children can do negative things and do not deserve to be done at that age.

How to block adult content on YouTube has been proven to solve the problem of adult content displayed on Youtube. The trick, just just click the account logo in the top right corner, then select general. When it's done, swipe down and immediately activate the limited mode by sliding the existing button beside. So, there will be no adult content that appears in Youtube searches.

How to Block Adult Content on Youtube

How to Block Adult Content by Deleting History

Deleting search history that was typed before is also one way to block adult content. So, when you search using previous adult content keywords, all searches that you have done before that have been saved into Youtube history will not be able to be opened. Because, when the child opens the Youtube homepage, the history of the video search is gone and is clean.

For that, to always be safe and to avoid things that are not desirable, you are advised to always delete Youtube search history. The trick, just enter into settings, then select history and privacy. Then just delete the history and search history. So, Youtube is free from adult content.

If you have done a number of these things, you can logout and log back into youtube using a new email address. This method is quite effective to block adult content on Youtube when children are using search on Youtube. That way, you don't need to worry anymore about the content that is opened on their gadget.

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