How To Overcome Diaper Rash In Your Baby

Babies have sensitive skin, as parents we must know how to treat baby's skin so as not to cause problems on the skin, one of which is the diaper rash. What is diaper rash?

How To Overcome Diaper Rash In Your Baby

Diaper rash is an irritation that arises on the baby's skin, especially in the area of ​​the skin covered by diapers. Many causes can cause diaper rash, but it is usually caused by the use of tight diapers and the use of diapers that have been used for too long. Infection is also suspected to be one of the causes of diaper rash. There is an easy way to deal with this diaper rash, so you don't need to panic when dealing with it.

Diaper rash itself is something that is commonly experienced by babies, and is usually characterized by reddish spots, dry skin and blisters. Diaper rash also results in blisters on the baby's buttocks, baby's thighs or genitals. Diaper rash causes the baby to become fussy because of feeling uncomfortable.

Causes of Diaper Rash

Diaper rash usually occurs in newborns. Diaper rash can also occur in children under 3 years old who are still wearing diapers. Here are some things that can cause diaper rash in infants, including the following:

A diaper that is too tight and moist

Too tight diapers can rub baby's skin, so that it can cause irritation, blisters or rashes on the soft and thin skin. In addition, diapers that are rarely replaced will increase the baby's risk of developing diaper rash. You need to know, the urine of babies accommodated in diapers can be mixed with baby stool or feces so that it can cause bacterial infections and irritation to the baby's skin. This is the reason, babies whose diapers are moist but rarely replaced are very susceptible to diaper rash.

Food intake
When babies are 4-6 months old, complementary food for breast milk has begun to be given in the form of solid food intake. There are several types of food, such as acidic fruits, which can affect the baby's stool so that it is easy to irritate the skin in areas covered by diapers and cause rashes.
If the baby only consumes Mother's Milk and has not reached the age of 4-6 months, the possibility is the food consumed by the mother.

Bacterial and fungal infections
Moist and warm diapers will cause the tangent area to be an ideal place for fungus to grow, so infection is susceptible to areas that intersect with diapers.

Baby care and cleaning products
Baby skin care and hygiene products such as wet wipes, baby powder, soap, or oil, also make it possible to cause irritation to the baby's skin in the diaper area.

Sensitive baby skin
Babies who have skin problems, such as eczema or atopic dermatitis, are more prone to developing diaper rashes.

Antibiotics function to eradicate bacteria, do not see bad bacteria or good bacteria, both can be eradicated by antibiotics. When a baby is being given a drug that contains antibiotics, the antibiotic content in the drug will also kill the good bacteria that function to prevent the growth of fungi, so the baby is more susceptible to developing diaper rash. Similarly, when the mother consumes antibiotics, her baby is also susceptible to diaper rash.

How to Overcome Diaper Rash

The most important thing in dealing with diaper rash that arises in infants is to keep the baby's skin clean, dry and make sure it is not moist. You can do the following if your baby has diaper rash.

  • Wash your hands clean and dry, before changing diapers
  • Make sure the diaper is always clean and dry, immediately change your baby's diaper if it's wet, full or exposed to feces.
  • Use clean water to clean the diaper-covered part. You can also use baby soap to clean your baby after he defecates.
  • Clean the area covered with diapers with clean water. If necessary, also use baby soap to help cleanse the little skin after it has been defecated. If you want to use wet tissue, make sure it's free of alcohol and fragrance.
  • Dry the diaper area with a soft cloth.
  • You can apply a cream or moisturizing ointment containing zinc oxide to the area of ​​the skin affected by diaper rash. This cream or ointment can be purchased at a pharmacy or drug store without requiring a doctor's prescription.
  • Wait for the cream or ointment to dry completely and then put your baby in a clean diaper.

If within 2-3 days the diaper rash hasn't healed or it gets worse, you can take your baby to the doctor. Your doctor can prescribe a corticosteroid cream, antifungal ointment, or antibiotics, depending on what causes it.

In order to further speed up the healing of diaper rash, you can do the following treatment to your Little One:

  • Stop using diapers for a while, let your baby's skin breathe freely, and always dry to speed up the healing of his diaper rash.
  • Do not rub the skin that is being scratched.
  • You can choose diapers that are larger than usual.

That's how to overcome diaper rash in your baby, hopefully useful for you.

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