The Importance of Discipline Education for Children

Every parent must know the importance of instilling discipline in children and can apply it to parenting. Discipline becomes an important material that must be taught to children for their better future. Unfortunately, some parents don't know how to properly discipline a child. This often leads to wrong parenting so that it adversely affects the development of children.

Discipline Benefits for Children

The age of the child is a golden age where parents can shape their personality through the parenting style given. Discipline becomes a very important point that is always present in parenting parents towards children. This discipline will provide many benefits for the future of the child. If since the child has been taught to be disciplined, they will appreciate time, be responsible, be able to set priorities for activities and so on.

The role of parents is very important in instilling discipline in children. Here are some tips for parents in disciplining children:

1. Give understanding to children

The first step that can be done is to provide understanding to children that what parents do to children is in order to discipline them and discipline will benefit themselves. Also tell what are the benefits of discipline so that they can receive it well. Use language that is easy for children to understand so they can understand that this discipline is good for them. It may not be easy to provide understanding to children and it can take days.

2. Provide a schedule of activities for children

To teach discipline to children, you can schedule activities for them, starting in the morning until evening. However, there is no need to make a detailed schedule because this will be difficult for them. Make a schedule of activities that are easy to understand.

For example, what morning do they have to wake up, then to get ready to go to school, there is no need to make a separate time to eat, bathe or something else Just give the provisions at what time they have to leave. You can explain this schedule to children so they can understand it well. Don't forget, stick this schedule in the child's room or in another strategic place for the child.

3. Apply reward and punishment

Reward and punishment applications are very often used to shape children's behavior. For every child achievement in conducting this discipline, give reward when they are able to achieve it and give punishment when they violate it. Reward does not have to be always money or in kind, but can be replaced with words of love and pride. Meanwhile, for punishment, make sure that the punishment builds them up in kindness.

Thus the importance of educating children for discipline that you should know as a good parent.

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