Varicocele Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Varicocele appears like a varicose attack in the legs. However, the difference is that varicoceles are identified as swelling that occurs in parts of the veins and focuses more on the scrot*m area. Viewed from the area of ​​the disease, varicocele patients are male. Even so, the case of this disease is more dominated at the age of 15 to 25 years.

Varicocele  Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Swelling that occurs in veins is also known to grow gradually until it turns into a soft lump. The size also varies but usually to detect lumps must be felt by the area of ​​pain. Did you know varicocele disease can cause a man to experience infertility. This happens because the sufferer experiences a decrease in the quantity and quality of spe*m. How did this happen? The following explanation of symptoms, causes until treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Varicocele

In terms of its causes, varicoceles can attack a person due to a valve in a vein that is not functioning optimally. The vein valve functions to open the blood flow to the heart and closes automatically when the blood flow starts to slow down. If the valve cannot close, chances are someone has varicocele.

What are the symptoms?
• Scrot*m feels uncomfortable
• Pain when standing and the pain decreases when lying down
• There is a lump in one of the testicles
• Scrot*m is swollen
• For a long time it looks like there is a worm in the scrot*m area

Treatment for Varicocele Patients

Some patients with varicocele disease who are not accompanied by severe symptoms are still safe. However, if a varicocele has caused pain management, you should contact a doctor. Usually the doctor will give the drug as a pain reliever such as paracet*mol or ibupr*fen. In addition, treatment can also be done with the following actions.

1. Embolization
Treatment of embolization is done by inserting a hose to reach the swollen part of the vein through the neck and groin. To maximize this treatment a general anesthetic is needed and the procedure generally takes up to several hours. In the treatment of embolization, the doctor who handles it will enter substances to improve the varicocele and blood flow.

2. Surgery
Treatment of varicocele through surgery is done by binding to the swollen part of the blood vessel to prevent blood flow from returning to normal. This operation is performed using laparoscopy and is open surgery. In contrast to embolization which requires general anesthesia, varicocele surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Patients who need varicocele surgery are those who experience testicular wasting.

Recovery of post-treatment patients requires at least one to two days. Even so, sufferers are also advised to avoid strenuous activities for up to 14 days. Healing must also be supported by further examinations carried out by a urologist until 4 months. This is usually done for patients with varicocele disease who experience infertility.

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