The 10 Most Important Key Factors For Living a Healthy and Vital Life

A healthy life is everyone's dream. But how to get it? There are 10 main keys to get it, let's review one by one

The 10 Most Important Key Factors For Living a Healthy and Vital Life

A healthy heart:

Since cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America, it makes sense that people in the world avoid this disease. most people make it happen by adopting lifestyle choices that are also beneficial for the other nine health factors.

Healthy brain: 

Through what experts believe is a combination of good genes and smart lifestyle choices
protect the heart, the healthiest people in the world are those who can avoid neurological damage, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's disease.

Healthy lungs: 

The healthiest people in the world take care of their respiratory health, especially by avoiding smoking, remains the main cause of death that can be prevented besides staying away, from environmental and industrial pollution.

Intestines, and a healthy immune system: 

The healthiest people in all cultural systems consume fresh, non-processed foods, especially vegetables and fruit, and enjoy a healthy digestive system that can increase immunity and reduce cancer risk.

Healthy bones, muscles and skin: 

The healthiest people in the world try to prevent skin cancer, protect their bones (reduce the tendency to develop osteoporosis and weaknesses that can be disastrous for elderly people), and maintain muscle mass that allows them to enjoy high-level activity in old age (which, in turn, benefits the entire body system)

Healthy hormones: 

In seeking lifestyle balance with smart eating, exercise, and stress management that also protects the heart and brain - and negotiates with hormone development milestones without extreme intervention,
the healthiest people in the world maintain normal hormonal balance, specifically avoiding diabetes

Healthy weight: 

The healthiest people in the world maintain a healthy weight for most of their age, preventing extraordinary fluctuations (both increase and decrease) especially by avoiding obesity in childhood and maintaining weight gain during middle age.

Healthy relationships: 

Perhaps more important than any factor, the healthiest people in the world have a loving relationship with family, friends and themselves. They tend to avoid negative emotions that can be destructive, such as hostility and despair. Naturally and based on their own choices, they are people who are optimistic and tend to choose to be among people who are positive and proactive.

Healthy pregnancy: 

The healthiest people in the world are products of mothers who take good care of themselves by consuming the best nutrition during a healthy and relatively stress-free pregnancy. Generally, this also begins with strong sperm and egg cells. Although we cannot repeat and improve our lives while in the womb, we have a great opportunity to contribute good health to the future of our children by caring for our reproductive health from now on.

Healthy childhood: 

The healthiest people in the world are born in conditions that support childhood health, such as high-quality food, a toxin-free environment, and great love and support are all provisions for health good all their lives.

Each of the above factors is a reliable predictor of health and when combined, these ten factors can improve your quality of life and prolong your life up to several years.

How many years? You might want to know.
Alright, after combining these factors, we study research on twins. We look for differences between genes and the environment, and the effects of these two factors on lifestyle choices. This research states that our life expectancy is determined by genes (by 30%) and lifestyle (by 70%). And based on the typical American lifestyle, we have been throwing away an average of 10 years from our age.

Ten years!
Quite a long time !

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