5 Benefits of Cucumber for Facial Skin, Worth a Try!

Cucumbers are not only nutritious and fresh when eaten, but also have various benefits for your facial skin. Cucumber has benefits that have been trusted and proven by many skin care products such as masks, facial scrubs, and moisturizers that use cucumber as its main ingredient.

5 Benefits of Cucumber for Facial Skin

Let's find out what are the benefits provided by cucumbers!

Benefits of cucumbers for facial skin

Cucumbers can treat swollen eyes

Some of you may have placed cucumber slices on your eyelids when you feel tired. This method has also been proven. A study showed that cucumbers have the ability to reduce redness and swelling of the skin thanks to the content of flavonoids and antioxidants contained in cucumbers.

Both of these ingredients work by providing a cooling effect that helps shrink the dilated blood vessels so that the appearance of swelling will be reduced.

Prevents premature aging

vitamin C and folic acid are antioxidant components contained in cucumbers and have the benefit of reducing facial wrinkles a sign of aging.

Vitamin C in cucumbers serves to stimulate the development of new cells in the human body including skin cells. While folic acid can help fight toxins from the environment that can make the face look tired.

When combined, the combination of both will make your facial skin look firmer and healthier.

Overcome irritation and sunburn

Prolonged sunbathing can cause discomfort to the face, especially on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Because of the mineral content such as potassium and sulfate, cucumbers can soothe sunburned skin conditions.

The cold effects obtained from cucumbers also have the benefit of preventing inflammation and reducing pain and irritation due to sunburn, rashes, and insect bites.

Prevents pimples and pores

Pimples occur due to blocked pores by dead skin cells and oily skin. In this case, cucumbers have some astringent properties that can shrink facial pores.

Cucumber juice can be used as a toner that will clean spots that trigger acne.

Helps moisturize the skin

As much as 96% of cucumbers is water. This content can certainly be useful to help moisturize dull skin. However, please note that water alone is not enough to make your skin more moisturized.

To feel the benefits of this one, mixing cucumbers with other moisturizing ingredients such as honey and aloe vera will be needed.

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