How to Choose Vitamin Supplement to Prevent Virus Infections

COVID-19 has made everyone panic so various attempts are made to prevent it by consuming vitamins, wearing masks, and handwashing using hand sanitizer.

There are various self-protection measures from virus infections, one of them by applying proper handwashing ways to minimize transmission. In addition, you can take a daily vitamin supplement to improve your immune system.

How to Choose Vitamin Supplement to Prevent Virus Infections

In choosing a vitamin supplement to prevent viruses or other ailments,. You need to choose the right product so that it provides total protection against the body.

There is a lot of content offered in supplement products as its excellence. Certain ingredients have side effects that must be known and can not be consumed in the long term.

How to choose supplementation as a virus protection step? You can consume vitamin C supplements that can improve your immune system and prevent virus infections.

Vitamin C supplements can be consumed daily, according to the rules of use, in the long term without pose a health risk. This makes vitamin C can be a wiser choice to help increase endurance for long periods of time.

Basically, vitamin C supplements can improve the immune system. In the body, he plays a role in preventing, reducing, and streamlining the duration of the infection. Not only does it relieve flu pain and prevents cold, vitamin C can also minimize the risk of infection of the whole disease.

It does not hurt to consume the vitamin C Ester type, according to daily recommendations.

Here are some of the benefits that vitamin C supplement type Ester has:

1. Can survive 24 hours in the body

Some types of viruses can survive on the surface of objects for 24 hours. This condition makes us risk for infected viruses that stick to the surface of the objects. Therefore, it is better to select a vitamin C supplement type of Ester that is able to survive 24 hours in the body.

2. More friendly with stomach

Types of vitamin C supplements with acidity (pH) 6.0 to 7.0, or close to neutral are more friendly with the stomach.

3. Easier absorption

Of the hundreds of vitamin C supplement products on the market, it is better to choose easily absorbed by the body. This type of vitamin C supplement with threonic substances is a type of metabolite to increase the absorption of vitamin C by the body.

The content of this threonate substance makes vitamin C in the body not wasted with urine.

4. Safer for kidneys

Oxalate is a residual metabolism of Vitamin C that is not absorbed by the body. If oxalate meets calcium, it will be risky to form kidney stones (calcium oxalate). Low potential buildup of oxalate, making Ester vitamin C has a lower risk of kidney stones.

In addition to the consumption of vitamin C supplements, also complete daily intake with vegetables and fruits to maintain optimum endurance.

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