The natural way to cure stomach aches

When you eat the wrong food, or when you have problems with internal organs in the abdomen or around the uterus can cause stomach aches. If you experience stomach problems, some of the natural remedies below can be used.

The natural way to cure stomach aches

Soft drink

When we experience flatulence, it can make us very uncomfortable. In fact, so uncomfortable, pants or clothes worn become very tight.

There are several things you can do to make your stomach more comfortable. You can use soft drinks. Drink as much as one glass. Soft drinks usually trigger us to belch more often. With belching, excessive gas in the stomach can be overcome quickly.


Ginger can also be used to treat stomachaches. By consuming ginger, we can get many benefits such as avoiding excessive nausea until the pain in the stomach disappears slowly. You can use ginger to make drinks or use extracts.

Ginger can treat pain and nausea because it has anti-inflammatory components so that wounds or problems in the stomach will not be severe. Furthermore, ginger also has a very high antioxidant component. If you regularly consume ginger, your body will be better protected from health problems such as colds or coughs.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea contains anti-inflammatory components that are useful for overcoming excessive stomach pain. Excessive pain can be neutralized by only drinking a few glasses of chamomile tea with or without sugar.

After drinking chamomile tea, the muscles around the stomach can become more relaxed. The impact, pain, cramps, and disorders around the stomach can be minimized. If you don't have this type of tea at home, you can use thick regular tea, so the effect can be felt immediately.

Apple vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar to deal with the pain that comes from consuming the wrong foods. The liquid with a sour taste is indeed a little strong. Therefore, if you want to consume it, mix it with warm water. You can also add sugar or honey according to your taste.

Apple vinegar will make the stomach acidity return to normal. Digestion can run smoothly and problems related to pain can be minimized.

Apple vinegar is not recommended for those of you who have an ulcer or other disorders because they contain high acids.

Warm Compress

Compresses involve a clean cloth soaked in warm water. The warm cloth is then applied and compressed on the stomach area. You can also use a bottle filled with warm water. You can also use a massage balm that gives a sense of warmth. Make your stomach more comfortable so you don't feel disturbed often.

Warm food will make your stomach feel more comfortable. For example, you eat warm porridge with a little extra salt. Porridge will make your stomach more comfortable for a while. All we have to do is reduce pain and other uncomfortable feelings and then provide further action.

Of the several natural medicines described above, which ones do you use most often? Hopefully, after reading this article you can better understand how to deal with stomachaches that are very annoying in a natural way.

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