10 Benefits of Yogurt For Health and the Right Time to Consume it

Yogurt has a delicious and refreshing sour taste, but behind it all, yogurt turns out to have many benefits for the body, both for health and beauty.

Benefits of Yogurt

Well, we will review some of the benefits of yogurt for health and body care. Check out the review below!

1. Yogurt Smooth digestion and maintain intestinal health

10 Benefits of Yogurt

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The presence of probiotic bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium in yogurt will overcome H. pylorus bacteria that cause digestive infections in the intestine and stomach. Therefore, yogurt is effective in relieving various digestive problems such as constipation, flatulence, and diarrhea.

2. Improve brain function

10 Benefits of Yogurt

In addition to healthy digestive function, probiotics in yogurt can actually improve cognitive function and mood.

Research at the University of California, Los Angeles, suggests that yogurt is a food high in potassium, which is a mineral to maintain nerve health.

3. Good source of protein

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Among other types of yogurt, Greek yogurt contains the highest protein, which is 15-20 grams of protein every 6 ounces of yogurt. This amount of protein is even equivalent to 3 ounces of lean meat. Meanwhile, yogurt usually produces only about 9 grams of protein.

4. Stabilize blood pressure

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt has high potassium content which is useful for balancing blood pressure and improving heart health. Alvaro Alonso's research from the Harvard School of Public Health proves the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by 50 percent by eating three servings of yogurt a day. This is because potassium also plays a role in reducing sodium levels which can increase blood pressure. Sodium is usually found in foods that contain high salt.

5. Sources of Vitamins and Minerals

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt contains vitamins and minerals that are quite balanced, such as vitamin D, vitamin B complex, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and iron. In addition to potassium, vitamin B12 in yogurt also serves to protect heart health.

6. Strengthen bones

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt contains enough calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D contained in yogurt also helps the body absorb calcium better.

In addition, research at Marmara University also suggests that yogurt does not erode the enamel of teeth. The content of lactic acid in yogurt can actually protect the gums from infection.

7. Maintain body weight

10 Benefits of Yogurt

When you go on a diet, you can eat yogurt as an alternative to snacks, because it is filling, low in calories, and high in protein. The content of protein, calcium, and probiotics in yogurt can trigger the production of anti lateral hormones, such as GLP-1 and YY peptide. Thus, appetite can be suppressed and the feeling of fullness lasts longer.

8. Makes you sleep better

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Eating yogurt can also improve the quality of your sleep, you know. This is because yogurt contains tryptophan which can trigger the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which is one of the hormones that can make you more relaxed.

9. Eliminating bad breath

10 Benefits of Yogurt

Robert Meltzer, a gastrointestinal specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, said probiotics in yogurt can neutralize the acid in the back of the throat and throat.

Yogurt is effective in eliminating bad breath caused by gastrological conditions, such as acid reflux. However, it cannot eliminate breath odor due to bacteria in the mouth, liver damage, or lung disease.

10. Boosts the immune system

10 Benefits of Yogurt

The body's immune system can be improved by consuming around 400 grams of yogurt every day. Important nutritional value in yogurt can increase T cell production, which is one of the white blood cells in the body to fight disease.

Well, that is the benefit of yogurt that you can get when you consume it regularly. But keep in mind, avoid yogurt with high sugar content which can actually eliminate the benefits.

Yogurt can be a very good breakfast menu if you want to lose weight. A balanced nutritional value and satiating protein can increase intake for activities. Besides breakfast, consume yogurt in the middle of the day as an alternative to snacks.

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