3 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is More Important During the Pandemic C-Virus

The New Normal Period

Welcome to the "new normal" period. A time when everyone would not want to, like it or not, have to make peace and coexist with the C-Virus.

The way that can be done is to keep on moving, but still prioritizing health protocols and preventive measures so as not to be infected with C-Virus.

Until when do we have to try to achieve calm? Many do not know the answer. However, worry is not a solution. One way to protect the funds we have is to have life insurance. Why is life insurance even more important when the C-Virus Pandemic?

3 Reasons Life Insurance Is More Important During the Pandemic C-Virus

Why Life Insurance Are Important?

Reasons for Having Life Insurance Are More Important in the Pandemic C-Virus Period;

1. Small money for big money

Pandemics often come with financial risk. Many choose to directly allocate some of the funds to prepare for a pandemic response. But no one knows when the pandemic ends and how much funding is needed to overcome it. As a result, many ultimately allocate funds that are too large to affect their cash flow for other needs.

Life insurance works with a flow where we pay a relatively small amount of money to buy a policy, which later when we close the age of the policy will be disbursed into a relatively large amount of money.

2. The safety net for family finances

In this uncertain era, having peace of mind is a blessing. Many of us are afraid to do something because of the risks that might occur. Many are afraid of a business collapsing because there are families to support. Many are afraid to work out because there are spouses who must be supported.

What we need is a safety net that makes us feel safe. So that if we fall, there is a safety net that will catch us.

Life insurance is a safety net for family finances. With life insurance, we can focus on going through the routine without fear of financial family faltering if we have to die. Because our family will get Sum Assured which will be disbursed when we die.

3. Proof of real love for family

Life insurance is not for yourself, but for the sake of guarantee the future of our loved ones.

There is no guarantee that our existence will always be beside our loved ones. Life insurance is there for these times to ensure the future and the ideals of those we care about are achieved.

Especially if you are the backbone of the family, life insurance is useful to ensure that family finances are not affected when you die.

Sum Assured from life insurance can help families in the future, for example, for children's school fees. Another example, if as the backbone of a family stricken with a critical illness, your insurance money can also be used for medical expenses and daily household expenses.

During this pandemic, protection is the essence. So, make sure you and your family are protected.

Translated from https://ilovelife.co.id/

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