6 Benefits of Coffee Face Mask

Coffee is not only delicious served in a cup, with the aroma that tempts our desire to enjoy it, but coffee can also be used as a facial mask with various benefits that accompany it.

Benefits of coffee when used as a facial mask

Benefits of coffee when used as a facial mask
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The following benefits of coffee when used as a face mask;

Reduces swelling in the eyes

Swelling in the eyes caused by blood circulation that is not smooth. To facilitate blood circulation and, at the same time, reduce the effects of swollen eyes, we can use coffee. How;
Don't waste coffee grounds. Let the coffee grounds become cool and apply to the bottom of the eye swelled for a few minutes, then rinse..

Fight free radicals and the destructive effects of UV rays.

The threat of free radical exposure always lurks the skin. The skin needs antioxidants as a defense for the skin from free radical attack. One of the antioxidants found in coffee beans is proven to protect the skin. Not only that, but coffee is also said to be able to protect the skin from the risk of skin cancer due to ultraviolet ray exposure.

Smooth and enlighten

The antioxidant content in coffee can restore skin freshness. Coffee can play an important role in the production of new cells. With coffee, the skin is hydrated, collagen production increases, and makes the skin more elastic.

Blood circulation

Coffee can increase blood circulation in the skin so that the skin is maintained health and freshness. With its benefits, coffee is not just used as a facial mask, but also scrubs or helps the exfoliation process.

Reducing ‘panda eyes’

Caffeine is often the solution to overcome the panda's eyes, aka dark circles under the eyes. By applying caffeine can improve blood circulation to the skin so that it can encourage stagnant blood.
Instead, apply coffee on the dark circles of the eyes in the morning. If applied at night, there is a possibility that caffeine can affect when we sleep.

Reducing inflammation

Coffee has a component that functions as an anti-inflammatory. This function is obtained from caffeine plus antioxidant components such as polyphenols and hydrocynamides.

When the skin becomes inflamed due to allergies or zits, coffee masks can reduce the discomfort and redness caused by inflammation.

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