False contractions versus true contractions, recognize the difference

False contractions versus true contractions

For those of you who have never experienced childbirth before, you may still feel confused, what it's like fake contractions, and how to distinguish them from the original contractions. By definition, false contractions are irregular uterine contractions and do not trigger births. While true contractions usually occur before delivery.

False contractions versus true contractions

False contractions often occur if the mother is tired, dehydration can also make contractions because the uterus is usually more sensitive when dehydration occurs. False contractions usually appear at around 20 weeks of pregnancy until delivery. In contrast to the true contractions that arise at 32-40 weeks gestational age.

In some cases (true) contractions can occur more quickly resulting in pre-term labor (before enough months or above 37 weeks). Then in terms of frequency and intensity, fake contractions appear irregular, occur 1-2 times a day or more, do not increase often and this condition will disappear when the mother is at rest.

While the original contractions appear regularly at intervals, they often occur initially every 10 minutes, then get more intense. These contractions do not disappear if the mother walks or changes positions.

Duration of contractions

In terms of duration, fake contractions occur around 20 seconds to sometimes 2 minutes or more. In contrast to the original contractions which usually occur 30-60 seconds or 70 seconds if it is nearing delivery.

Those who experience false contractions of the stomach feel heartburn, without pain, starting from the top of the uterus and then down to the bottom.

While the original contraction, the stomach feels heartburn with pain in the waist to the lower abdomen. It can also be accompanied by a thick discharge of mucus mixed with blood from the vagina or called bloody-show.

This mucus clogs the cervix, so the cervix is ​​blocked by mucus with the aim of preventing germs from entering the uterus because there is a germ inside the vagina. When true contractions can occur opening, the mucus dislodges like sago glue, a little sticky, sometimes the capillaries in the cervix rupture so that the blood appears, the blood becomes mixed with mucus.

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