Tips for Overcoming Stretch Marks After Childbirth

Many women complain of the emergence of stretch marks or red lines wrinkles that appear on the body. Although stretch marks are medically harmless, stretch marks can interfere with the appearance. And it is said to stretch marks can not be lost, then how to overcome them?

Stretch marks are lines that arise on the skin caused by excessive stretching of the skin. These lines usually appear on your arms, legs, buttocks, chest, and stomach.

Generally, stretch marks occur in pregnant women who can last until after delivery, those of you who gain significant weight in a short time, and in people who take certain drugs.

Stretch marks appear because the skin is not flexible enough to follow the changes. Stretch marks are generally long, thin, and folded, called stria. Skin elasticity can be obtained from collagen protein, and if the body does not have enough collagen protein, red lines that are slightly wrinkled will appear.

Pregnant women are the group most at risk of developing stretch marks due to stretched belly skin. However, by making early prevention efforts since the beginning of pregnancy can avoid the actual emergence of stretch marks. 

To prevent stretch marks, you can keep your skin moist. Especially the skin around your stomach, not scratching the skin excessively if it feels itchy, and keep the weight gain from being excessive.

Suppose stretch marks have already appeared during pregnancy. In that case, you should use a moisturizer as often as possible and try not to scratch the skin affected by stretch marks. You are also encouraged to continue to consult with a dermatologist and a specialist to get the right treatment procedure.

Many moisturizing products claim to remove stretch marks on the stomach but have not proven effective in its implementation. You are also advised not to use cream concoctions with unknown contents because it is feared that it can make stretch marks worsen.

Tips for Overcoming Stretch Marks After Childbirth

Tips for Overcoming Stretch Marks After Childbirth
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It is necessary to have a physical examination to find out the problem and the causes of stretch marks. From the results of the examination, the doctor can perform maintenance with supporting technology, such as:

  • Microneedling
  • CO2 fractional laser
  • Erbium Laser
  • Fractional radiofrequency
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Supporting therapies and treatments will be selected depending on the results of the doctor's diagnosis. The duration of treatment also varies from person to person.

Newly appearing reddish stretch marks generally respond well. One to two treatments can have significant results in relatively fast time as with the white stretch marks. Treatment of stretch marks is white for longer because it is mature and more unresponsive, so it requires more treatment reps.

Stretch marks can be dangerous if the emergence is caused by long-term steroids whose treatment is not through a dermatologist and a specialist's supervision. Stretch marks can indeed continue to multiply, and the skin will be more susceptible to infection if not treated immediately. But basically, stretch marks are skin problems that are harmless and can be treated.

With proper treatment and treatment from a dermatologist and a genital specialist, you will be protected from stretch marks expansion.

With patience and appropriate treatment therapy, stretch marks can fade, and the skin's appearance gradually becomes more beautiful.

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