Toxic content in cigarette smoke, Beware of the risk

Nowadays more and more people are smoking around us, even in developing countries, we can find children under age who smoke.

Toxic content in cigarette smoke

Toxic content in cigarette smoke
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Did you know? when someone smokes, in each puff contains about 4000 chemical compounds, including poisons as follows:
  • Nicotine: a type of pesticide
  • Tar: road hardener
  • Acetone: Paint remover
  • Naphtylamine: Cancer-causing ingredients
  • Methanol: Rocket fuel
  • Pyrene: Cancer-causing ingredients
  • Dimethylnitrosamine
  • Naphthalene: Camphor
  • Cadmium: Cancer-causing material, commonly used in car batteries
  • Carbon Monoxide: toxic gas coming out of the exhaust
  • Benzopyrene: Cancer-causing ingredients
  • Vinyl Chloride: Cancer-causing material, commonly used for PVC plastic materials
  • Hydrogen Cyanide: Toxins used for carrying out capital punishment
  • Toluidine
  • Ammonia: Floor cleaner
  • Urethane: Cancer-causing ingredients
  • Toluene: Industrial Solvents
  • Arsenic: White ant poison
  • Dibenzacridine: Cancer-causing ingredients
  • Phenol: antiseptic for surgery
  • Lead: Petrol additives
  • Chromium: Organic compound
  • Butane: Lighters
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone: Synthetic rubber solvent
  • Formalin: Preservative balm
  • Benzene: A mixture of car fuel
  • Sulfuric Acid: Fertilizers and explosives
  • DDT: Prohibited insecticide
  • Shellac: Wood lusters

From the list above, we can conclude why is cigarette smoke said to be so destructive?

Of the 4000 chemical compounds, 200 of which are toxic (poisonous), 43 of which are cancer triggers.

There are two types of secondhand smoke, both of which are dangerous;
  • First, mainstream smoke, which is smoke that comes out of the smoker's mouth, after first being sucked and passed through the smoker's lungs.
  • Second, sidestream smoke, which is smoke that rises from the base of the cigarette before the cigarette runs out. This is the most dangerous. The toxic chemical content of this type of smoke multiplies compared to mainstream smoke.

Sidestream smoke, often exposed to the air without filters. This sidestream smoke contains five times greater carbon monoxide (CO) compound than the main cigarette smoke.

Carbon monoxide itself, as we know, is a poison gas that is quite effective in paralyzing the ability of blood to absorb oxygen. Sidestream smoke also contains three times greater benzopyrene (a trigger for cancer) and 50 times the content of ammonia (a cause of eye irritation and breathing) than mainstream smoke. So, watch out for cigarettes in the ashtray!

The danger of Exposure to Cigarette Smoke

The danger of cigarette smoke when exposed to children

  • Increasing the frequency of flu
  • Give ear infections a chance
  • Increases the risk of high pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Increases the risk of making the lungs weak
  • Trigger asthma

The danger of cigarette smoke when exposed to infants

  • Increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

The danger of cigarette smoke when exposed to adults

  • Trigger cancer
  • Damage to lung function
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of stroke

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