Types of food that should be avoided by problematic skin

Everyone, especially women, of course, wants to have healthy and clean skin, for that they will do various ways to get their dream skin, such as doing routine maintenance or applying various referenced health products.

Types of food that should be avoided by problematic skin
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But you need to know, that skin health and beauty do not always depend on the care products used, but also depend on the type of food you consume every day. especially if you have facial skin that is prone to pimples, blackheads, or irritating skin spots.

If you do have a tendency for skin problems as mentioned above, then there are certain foods that you should avoid because they can interfere with the health and beauty of the skin. Let us discuss one by one


Lemon can actually be used as a common natural ingredient to be used as a face mask. However, lemons contain low levels of citric acid and moisture, which can be a risk to irritate the skin and cause the face to become red, dry, and prone to breakouts.

The use of lemons will be worse for those of you who are sensitive and allergic skin which can then cause skin rashes.


Butter contains 100% fat which can cause clogging of pores. And if your skin is oily, then your skin will be prone to many blackheads.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is high in fat, so it has a tendency to clog your pores. It can even cause stubborn pimples around the mouth.

Dairy products

Recent research from the American Academy of Dermatologists says that milk can worsen your acne. The hormones in milk can worsen acne, and even pigmentation to some extent. Instead, try drinking almond milk or rice milk


If you tend to experience pimples around your jaw, then you might be allergic to soybean. In soybean contains compounds called phytoestrogens, which can disturb the balance of hormones and cause acne around the mouth and jaw

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