The Role of Parents in Child Development

The period of child development is essential in his life. Every child has a stage of growth and development that requires careful attention from parents. This is so that children can reach the peak of optimal development, especially in the golden period of children's life.

According to Sari Asih Hospital's Karawaci, Pediatrician, dr. Ari Mulyani, SpA, growth is an increase in the size and number of cells and intercellular tissue. This also means increased physical size and body structure. Meanwhile, child development describes the growth in the maturity of individual functions.

Child Development

"Growth and development are important indicators in assessing children's health status because they can affect children's quality of life. Therefore it needs to be monitored regularly, "

While the golden period in children is a term in which the child's brain experiences very rapid and critical growth and development, this period is crucial for the child and cannot be repeated during the toddler years.

"At this age, children can absorb information 100%, the child's brain functions very well. To optimize children's development in their golden age, they need a lot of stimulation that comes from their environment, especially parents. Besides that, the need for nutrition is also essential, "said doctor Ary further.

Factors that influence child development are genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors are the basic capital in achieving the outcome of the child development process. A child who has good genetic potential should interact positively with the environment to obtain optimal results.

According to dr. Ary, environmental factors are broadly divided into 2;

  • Environmental factors that affect the baby while still in the womb (prenatal factors), including maternal nutrition during pregnancy, trauma, radiation, intrauterine infections, and others.
  • Environmental factors that affect children's development after birth (postnatal factors) include age, nutrition, health care, sensitivity to disease, chronic disease, weather, sanitation, stimulation, learning motivation, school, love and affection, and children's quality's interactions. Parents' children, parents' income, parents' education, and so on.

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