Healthy Tips for Reducing Weight Gain

Everyone wants to have the ideal body weight. So it is not surprising that many diet methods have emerged that are claimed to be effective in losing weight.

But the fact is, not all popular diets are effective at losing weight. A diet that is carried out carelessly can make weight gain drastically, or the body often hurts.

A dietitian from the Cleveland Clinic, Anna Kippen said, the most important thing to lose weight is to form good eating habits.

 Healthy tips for losing weight

Healthy Tips for Reducing Weight

1. Do not reduce food portions drastically

Reducing food intake can indeed make you lose weight quickly. However, a diet like this can also make the weight gain back quickly. This pattern is known as the yo-yo diet. This diet can actually make our bodies susceptible to various chronic diseases. A good diet to lose weight is to pay attention to the quality of the food we consume, not the quantity

2. Watch your calorie intake

Maintain a balance of calories in and calories we burn during the activity. Choose nutrient-dense foods. This means that we can choose a healthy calorie intake, which contains lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Nutrient-rich foods are needed by body cells to function properly in preventing various diseases. Not only healthy, but nutrient-rich foods also keep us full longer.

3. Eat fresh vegetables

We can lose weight in a healthy way, one of which is by eating vegetables. The fiber content in vegetables will help our digestive health. However, we should avoid eating foods made from vegetables because this can damage our diets, such as spinach chips or carrot chips.

Even though it is made from vegetables, these foods have added various ingredients such as flour or salt, reducing the nutritional value in it. Vegetables that have got various mixtures of these ingredients usually also contain high calories and fat.

We recommend that you choose fresh vegetables. Apart from their high nutritional value, fresh vegetables are also low in calories but can make us feel full.

4. Choose whole fruit over juice

Drinks made from fruit are also often added sugar, which can trigger a spike in blood sugar and insulin secretion.

By consuming high sugar, it means that fat deposits in the body will also increase. Not only that, but eating foods with high sugar levels can also trigger hunger and high appetite.

We recommend that you choose whole or fresh fruit because of the high content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The sugar content in fresh fruit is also classified as lower.

5. Reduce the consumption of sugar

Excessive sugar intake can lead to obesity, type II diabetes, and various other chronic diseases. Research has also shown that excessive sugar consumption can increase the risk of dying from heart disease. To reduce sugar intake, we must read the food labels to determine what composition is contained in them. The reason is that many packaged foods that are claimed to be healthy actually contain high enough sugar.

6. Avoid low-fat products

Eating foods high in fat does not mean that they will increase fat deposits in the body. Fat is the primary source of fuel for the body and helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K and carotene. Fat can also help increase satiety for more extended and suppress appetite. To get these benefits, all we need to do is eat healthy fats such as olive oil, almonds, and sardines. Besides, avoid highly processed foods because they contain lots of unhealthy fats, increasing body weight, and triggering various diseases.

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