Are Herbs & Diabetes Compatible?

Self-medication and herbal treatment are becoming more and more popular these days. For some diseases or illnesses, these natural cures usually work well enough on their own, but for some serious types of illnesses, self-medicating and herbal medicines will not only refuse to work, but may also aggravate the illness or introduce new afflictions.

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When it comes to herbs & diabetes, it may not be a good idea to forego standard treatment in favor of cheaper and less complicated herbal treatment. These natural diabetes remedies usually consist of certain types of preparations derived from plants that are purported to have blood sugar controlling capabilities. This is supported by historical records that herbs & diabetes have gone hand in hand as early as 1550 B.C., with as many as 500 plants and plant extracts prescribed to combat the disease. But be wary of jumping in on the bandwagon.

It may seem like a good idea for a variety of unrelated and economical reasons, but herbs & diabetes may be bad for an individual since the standard treatment for diabetes usually consists of careful and meticulous diet planning, regular physical activities, extensive monitoring of blood sugar levels, and when push comes to shove, medication. This complex system of regulation and maintenance is designed to manage diabetes and help people feel better in the long term, as well as prevent complications. Everything about the standard treatment for diabetes has been carefully studied and tested for efficiency and effectiveness.

Herbal diabetes remedies, on the other hand, are very rarely supported by actual studies and testing. Those that have been proven to have blood sugar lowering properties were usually tested on animals and have inconsistent or insufficient effects for use in human cases.

Another important thing to consider is that herbal remedies are not regulated, and there are no standards that have been set in terms preparation and maintenance as well as distribution. You don’t have any guarantees on the quality of herbal remedies and the promises and ingredients on its label have not been checked for accuracy. Add the fact that the label may not include ingredients that have harmful side effects or forget to mention it and you have yourself a recipe for a diabetes-worsening problem.

This is not to say that you should avoid the issue of herbs & medicines. If you think a herbal medicine would do wonders for your case and would want to try it out, you are free to do so but consult with your physician first. You may get a lecture but if it’s a valid cure for your affliction, chances are your physician is going to be the one who can judge if it’s true.

At the end, always remember that diabetes treatment has grown by leaps and bounds since the age when nothing more efficient than plants and roots were available. Bear in mind that a large number of the medication intended for diabetes today were made from natural ingredients used to treat it ages ago, and is a mark of progression.


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