Myths about pregnancy

When mothers are supposed to be very happy during pregnancy, a large amount of advice is shot out at them. Most of the times, these are useless advice, that are not logical and are based on some superstitious beliefs. At such times, a woman needs to make up her mind on what to follow and what not to follow. The experienced grannies are sure to deal out their load of advice and make it worse. Unless and until the advice has a scientific base, please restrain from following it.

Myths about pregnancy

It is a common misnomer that if the mother gets morning sickness, the child is not receiving enough nutrition. This is complete nonsense as the baby is completely safe and well nourished. Women generally feel sick even at the sight of food during the first few months of pregnancy; this is very common and is no reason to worry.

Many women worry that having intercourse once they are pregnant may hurt the baby. This is not completely true. Some women also worry that if they consume paracetamol it will affect their baby. Having an occasional analgesic will cause no harm to the baby, but one must not make it a regular affair. One must make sure that she has the doctor’s advice on other medications.

Bumping into some people or getting hit by a bag on the road, will cause no harm whatsoever to the child, as the baby is blanketed well by the placenta and the amniotic fluid which keeps them unharmed during pregnancy. If the bump is excessive, one might experience vaginal bleeding or cramps, in which case one must contact the doctor immediately. There are many more myths during pregnancy, while some of them are true up to a certain extent, following others can worsen the case than better it. 

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