Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue is something that we all experience, since we have a lot of obligations, so we are constantly somehow running to manage to reach and achieve everything. Feeling tired after a hard day or at some point during the day is completely normal and common. It is also common to feel tired for a few days after an extremely hard period. But a large number of peoples complain that they feel tired from getting up in the morning until the end of the day, and this is already a very problematic situation that can be attributed to either a constantly overworked lifestyle or it can already be a chronic fatigue syndrome. In any case, we must solve this situation in some way, because it is a problem for our health, but also for a happy life and productivity.

Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Beat fatigue with a balanced diet

Generally nowadays we have little rest, somehow it seems that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the activities and we do not manage to relax at all, even when we have free time. The fact is that constant fatigue is not unrealistic, so it is not really easy to assess whether it is a chronic fatigue syndrome or not. However, there are certain symptoms that accompany the chronic fatigue syndrome, on the basis of which we can diagnose this complex disease. It is not known exactly how it occurs, possible causes include problems with the immune system, nutritional deficiency or viral infections, but the potential connection with sleep disorders, disorders of certain parts of the endocrine system, anemia, low blood pressure and metabolic disorders is also being investigated. The World Health Organization classifies chronic fatigue syndrome as a chronic neurological disease. It most often affects people between the ages of 40 and 50, and women more often than men.

Symptoms that indicate chronic fatigue syndrome

As we have already mentioned, we all occasionally feel exhausted and exhausted, which is a consequence of today's way of life. What distinguishes chronic fatigue syndrome from "ordinary" fatigue is that fatigue is present for at least 6 months, worsens after mental or physical activities, and a good night's sleep does not provide any relief or rest. Exhaustion is often accompanied by chronic pain (headaches, pain in muscles, joints - without swelling and redness, sore throat), and then there is memory loss, problems with concentration, weakness or dizziness, mild swelling of the lymph nodes under the armpits and neck, disorders sleep… Abdominal pain, nervous bowel syndrome, dry mouth, eyes, eye pain, cough, weight loss, depression sometimes occur. If there is unexplained exhaustion for 6 months with at least four of the other symptoms, we can diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome. It can be present for years, with better and worse periods. If someone suspects that he suffers from this syndrome, it would be best to contact his doctor, who will do certain tests to eliminate other possible diseases.

Chronic fatigue-symptoms

There is currently no specific therapy for this syndrome, but psychological support, lifestyle changes, light exercise (with gradual prolongation of exercise duration), and, if necessary, treatment of pain, insomnia or depression with certain types of therapy (acupuncture, medication, etc.) are needed. Talking to a therapist can also help, as can cognitive behavioral therapy. Although some patients notice that their chronic fatigue syndrome worsens due to certain foods (such as caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol), there is no specific diet that is recommended specifically for this disease. 

A balanced and moderate diet is definitely recommended, and essential fatty acids such as those in nuts, seeds and fish can help reduce exhaustion. It is advisable to establish a sleep routine, as well as to have a regular, but light physical activity. It is also necessary to regulate the levels of stress that we encounter in life, so we recommend anti-stress and energy-boosting treatments to our patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Yoga and tai chi are physical activities that have proven to be especially good for this type of disease (of course, it is necessary to practice them in moderation).

Whether we are "only" chronically tired, or we suspect chronic fatigue syndrome, a healthier lifestyle, proper diet and exercise will certainly help us feel better and healthier. We have to learn to deal with the stress and frustrations of modern life, find some valve, time to relax, during which we will do something that fulfills us and that we enjoy. The most important thing is to understand the signals that our body sends us and not to ignore the signs of fatigue and exhaustion, because it is always better to warn or react at the very beginning of the symptoms, in order to deal with it as successfully as possible. It would be best to sleep regularly, eat more small meals during the day, do not skip breakfast, drink an adequate amount of water daily and have regular physical activity. Whatever degree of fatigue we feel,

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