Travel Insurance is Your Holiday Companion

Quite a few people go travelling these days, or at least take a holiday abroad. Whether you enjoy taking a short flight across the channel to France, or you fancy a stunning break away in the small city of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, it’s important that you take certain precautions before you travel so that you can enjoy your holiday without stress. It’s also nice to be assured that if anything does happen to you whilst away from home, you’ll be looked after. Travel insurance can often be overlooked whilst booking a holiday and this can be a problem as accidents do happen. Unfortunately, without insurance, these accidents can also be very expensive. Here are some of the benefits of taking out travel insurance.

Travel Insurance is Your Holiday Companion

Health is Important

One of the main reasons it’s advised to take out travel insurance is that it usually covers your health, which means if you were to fall ill abroad, the travel insurance would pay the bill (up to the amount that was agreed before the policy was taken). If you were to require some sort of medical procedure and you didn’t have insurance that covered it, it’s highly likely you would not be able to afford it! Be careful though, travel insurance will not cover any pre-existing medical condition that wasn’t declared before the holiday.

Where has it gone..

The one thing we don’t want to happen on holiday is for our personal possessions to go missing. When our items get lost or stolen, it can often put a negative taint on the whole holiday. Although travel insurance can’t directly replace your photos on your phone, it gives you a payout to help you purchase new items. The amount varies from insurer to insurer but the usual limit is between £200-£450.

Another good reason to take out travel insurance is that a lot of insurers also do a personal liability policy, which basically covers you if you accidently hurt someone. This is particularly advised if you are on a holiday where accidents are a more frequent occurrence, such as a skiing holiday or an extreme sport holiday like surfing.

Insurance Companys

Most insurance companies will offer these policies either as standard or as optional extras so as long as you make sure you explain to the company what your needs are, you’ll be able to get everything you want. If you’ve already booked your holiday, or are thinking of booking one, don’t forget to take out some travel insurance so you know that if anything unfortunate were to happen to you, you’ll be in safe hands.

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