Overweight, Trump Choose to Diet

Trump and diet

It's not a secret if Donald Trump loves fast food

US President is often caught on camera enjoy two burgers BiC Mac, two Filet O Fish and chocolate milkshake in the message from fast food outlets. However, the number one person in the US seems to be trying to reduce the intake of unhealthy foods. This is done in an effort to help the President lose weight. If previously Trump often eats a large portion of steak cooked with a tomato sauce is abundant, now he began to increase fish intake.

According to a CNN report, nutritionists were also brought to the White House to educate chefs on how to reduce fat and high calories. Vegetable menu choices are now so much more, though it is not known what favorite vegetables Trump. In May, Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, leaked that Trump ate a half-baked burger while eating together at a golf club in Virginia

This unique hamburger feeding method was conducted in an effort to preserve the health of the 71-year-old president.

Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and his wife, Melania, also tried to help him lose weight by adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle. They also regularly exercise with golf exercises every week. Trump's physical examination showed her weight reached 108 kilograms with a height of 192 centimeters. Trump's body mass index shows itself to be in the "overweight" category.

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