How To Go On A Healthy And Safe Diet

At present, not only fashion trends are changing, diet methods are the same. Diets that are claimed to lose weight quickly are usually the most popular.

healthy and safe diet

A diet that loses weight fastest is even more dangerous. "This diet method will cause a rebound effect, for example, after diet your get 10 kilograms of weight loss but eventually even rose to 20 kilograms,"

The body has a balance mechanism or homeostasis. "If there is a drastic change, then the body will try to restore its balance.

The body wants to store fat just in case and make all the body functions run optimally.

That's why the body often stores fat instead of releasing it as energy, even though we've been exercising and restricting calories.
Weight loss that healthy is 3-5 percent of body weight per month. "So the benchmark should not fall how many kilograms, but the percentage, for example, if the weight is 80 kilograms, then the minimum recommended to drop 2.4 kilograms in a month.

Diet also does not mean hunger because the body still needs food as a source of energy.

"Avoid also a diet that abstains from a variety of foods, the more restrained the body will become more rebellious, so eat in moderation and multiply the activity,"

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