5 Types of fun sports to strengthen heart function

5 Types of fun sports to strengthen heart function
The heart has a very vital function in our lives, namely by pumping and flowing blood in which there is oxygen needed by our body. If the heart function is disrupted, the oxygen supply will be disrupted. And we know, if within 4 - 6 minutes the brain does not get oxygen supply, then the brain will experience death. For that it is very important for us to always maintain a healthy lifestyle and a maintained diet, to avoid all diseases that may arise. To keep the heart healthy we can exercise regularly. No need to do strenuous exercise, just a light one and do it regularly.

Here are some types of exercise that you can do to keep your heart healthy:

Cycling is a fun sporting activity that you can do regularly in your spare time. You can do it alone, together with your beloved family, or with friends in the community of bicycle lovers. All you need to remember when cycling is, do it casually and according to your body's abilities. Do not force yourself and exceed the limits of your body's ability because cycling activities that should be fun and healthy can turn into a disaster for you.
You can do it in the morning when the morning air is still cool and fresh or in the afternoon when the sun no longer shines hot. The benefits of running this are that you can burn calories in your body fat. Running can also promote blood circulation in your body.
Swimming can be a fun family activity. You can do it at weekends and enjoy being with your family. By swimming you can also train your breathing rhythm, your lungs become healthier and stronger. By doing it with your family, you will not realize that you are doing healthy exercise.
On foot
Of the many sports, walking is the lightest sport and carried out by everyone. The more activities we do, the more often we do this exercise without us knowing it. You can use a pedometer to measure how many steps you take in a day.
Combination sports
If your exercise routine makes you bored, you can intersect with other healthful activities. No need to be fixated to do just one type of exercise The important thing is not to let your body shut up, so that fat does not accumulate in your body.

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