Negative Effects of Hypertension

Hypertension or what most ordinary people call it high blood pressure is a condition in which blood flow in the body experiences interference. This disorder if not immediately corrected will have an impact on damage to organs in our body. The impact is indeed not immediately felt in the near future, but gradually it will definitely be felt.

It is very important for us to always take care of our health to avoid various diseases. Healthy is expensive, rather than spending money on medical expenses it is better to use it for other more useful purposes.

Negative Effects of Hypertension

Damage to human organs or the effects that can arise as a result of too high blood pressure can be described as follows:

Heart Disorders:

The heart is the most vital organ that will be exposed to the most damage, considering the function of the heart as an organ that pumps blood to all parts of the body. This is because the blood flow that should flow smoothly and properly is not smooth. This is due to high blood pressure. There is also a blockage of arteries and eventually, the heart muscle will be damaged and enlarged and will not function as it should.

Brain Damage:

Not only on the heart, the brain can also experience damage if your blood pressure is higher than it should. The brain needs oxygen intake so that when the blood flow is abnormal or disturbed the brain cannot work properly. If blood pressure is flowing into the brain high, it can cause rupture of blood vessels in the brain which leads to stroke.

Kidney Disorders: 

The kidneys function to filter out excess water intake and food waste from the blood. When the circulatory flow is disrupted, the waste that should be filtered will accumulate. And in the end it can cause kidney health problems.

Therefore, it is very important for you to control blood pressure regularly and regularly and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases. It would be better for us to prevent high directional pressure than treat it.

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