Tips to breathe more relieved when exposed to flu

When you get the flu you will experience a fever, runny or stuffy nose, chills, coughing, sore throat, joint pain, headache, and feeling weak. Of all the flu symptoms, difficulty breathing is the most annoying symptom.

Fever, a feeling of rheumatic pain, and the body feels weak, you may be able to get rid of it temporarily by bringing it to sleep. However, if your nose continues to runny, clogged up to make it difficult for you to breathe, you will find it difficult to sleep

So, how can you breathe more easily when you have a cold?

Tips for you to be able to breathe more relieved when you catch a cold

1. Take a warm bath
When you have a cold, your sinuses will be filled with mucus, which makes it difficult for you to breathe. Instead of constantly trying hard to get rid of snot, you should take a warm bath so that the hot steam can help remove the mucus that has collected and soothe your nose.

You can hold hot water in the bathtub so that the steam fills the bathroom. Alternatively, you can hold hot water in the basin and place your head to catch hot steam.

2. Eat warm food
Consuming warm foods when having a cold will be very helpful. The principle is the same as when we take a bath using warm water. Hot steam can be generated
relieves the nasal passages and removes the collected mucus. There is a study that states that eating warm soup can reduce swelling in the upper respiratory tract, which usually occurs in people who have the flu.
You can also drink hot tea to help relieve your throat, which may be sick from flu symptoms and soothe your breathing.
Drinking hot tea can help you relieve the coughing and sneezing you experience. In addition, you while maintaining fluid intake in your body that is useful for fighting infection.

3. Moisturizes the air
Air that has enough moisture will help you breathe more easily. A study states that keeping air humidity above 40 percent can help you avoid the risk of flu.

When you get a cold, you may be forced to breathe from your mouth when you sleep automatically. Breathing from the mouth makes your mouth open so that your mouth will dry out and even feel sore or itchy throat.

When using air moisturizers, you will avoid dry mouth. However, make sure that the air humidifier you have is cleaned regularly so that it does not trigger fungal growth.

4. Sleep with an extra pillow
Try to position your head higher. This will make the pressure on your sinus not too high, so you don't need to wake up in the middle of the night due to difficulty breathing.

However, also pay attention to the height of the pillow. Although you have to keep your head higher so you can breathe freely, make sure your neck is not injured. You can put a pillow under your bed sheet to make your sleeping position more ergonomic

5. Using salt spray
Salt sprays can help thin mucus so you can breathe more easily and sore throat becomes more relieved. You can get this product at the pharmacy freely. You can also use the Nebulizer to give salt to your respiratory tract.

6. Take medication
Over-the-counter decongestant tablets and nasal sprays at pharmacies or drugstores can help relieve the stuffy nose you are experiencing. However, you must read carefully the instructions contained in the package. Make sure that the drug is safe for you to consume without causing new problems.

7. Using balm
Balsam contains menthol and eucalyptus oil which can help relieve your nose. Limit use only to the chest to the neck.

Actually, menthol balm does not directly relieve your breathing. However, the strong aroma of menthol can manipulate the brain so that you finally think that your nose is relieved. Pay attention to the use of balm, in children. In some cases, the use of balm can make some people experience skin irritation

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