Tips for Choosing the Right Nebulizer for Home

For those of you who have problems with the respiratory system, Nebulizer is one of the essential tools for you. A nebulizer is a tool that has functions to convert drug fluids into steam to treat respiratory diseases. By altering the drug into a mist, the drug will more effectively enter the lungs and treat its problems.

Asthma sufferers may be able to relieve asthma symptoms without the help of a nebulizer. However, this Nebulizer is still needed, especially if you have children with asthma. Using a nebulizer will make it easier for you to give medication to relieve his breathing.

Nebulizers are now sold in the market and can be used at home. By having a personal nebulizer, you might be able to do emergency help when your asthma or your child has a relapse without having to go to the hospital.

However, how do you choose the right Nebulizer for the home?

On the market, there are many types of nebulizers sold. Each of them has different features. For the first time, you might be confused, what is the difference between one kind and another. For that, it is essential for you to know the types of nebulizers, so you can choose according to what you need.

Nebulizers are distinguished based on the length of treatment needed, the size of the drug particles, the device's resistance, ease of carrying, and other aspects of therapy. In general, three types of nebulizers are often found, namely compressor nebulizer, ultrasonic Nebulizer, and mesh nebulizer.

Tips for Choosing the Right Nebulizer for Home
Tips for Choosing the Right Nebulizer for Home, Photo via google

Compressor Nebulizer

The compressor nebulizer works to drain gas at high speed through liquid medicine and convert it into steam.

Pros: The compressor nebulizer allows you to set the speed of evaporation of the drug to below so you can breathe more easily. This Nebulizer is widely used for children because it can change medications into various particle sizes. Compressor type Nebulizer is cheaper than other types.

Disadvantages: this tool tends to be larger than the others. After all, this tool produces noise so that it is sometimes frightening for some children. Medicines are usually also more wasted when using a compressor nebulizer.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The ultrasonic Nebulizer produces high-frequency vibrations that convert liquid drugs into steam.

Pros: This Nebulizer is not noisy while working. This Nebulizer also has a higher steaming ability than the compressor system for up to 10 times. The treatment using an ultrasonic nebulizer can take place more quickly.

Disadvantages: the price of this Nebulizer is higher than the compressor nebulizer system. This Nebulizer also does not support the administration of suspension or thick liquid drugs. Plus, the quality of some medicines may also be reduced because of the high ultrasonic waves.

Mesh Nebulizer

This type of Nebulizer uses electricity or ultrasonic waves to produce vibrations that make liquid drugs enter through mesh membranes with microscopic holes to produce very fine droplets or particles.

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