Influenza during pregnancy

Flu in pregnant women is caused because the immune system decreases, either because of fatigue, psychological stress, or caused by lack of nutrition. To prevent exposure to flu during pregnancy, you should do the following:

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap
  • Avoid contact with people who get the flu, either directly or indirectly.
  • Don't touch your nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Enough rest
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.
  • Is it bad for pregnant women to get the flu? Actually flu is not a disease but is a symptom caused by disease. Colds and colds during pregnancy rarely cause birth defects, but can cause a risk of complications such as pneumonia.
  • To prevent it can be carried out Infuenza vaccination. The safest way is to prevent flu exposure during pregnancy.

Drugs that are allowed to be consumed by pregnant women if they have influenza

The following are natural medicines that are recommended if pregnant women experience influenza:

A. Expand Drinking Water
Try to often consume water, especially white and warm water if necessary, because the mother needs a lot of water intake because she has to share with the baby. Drinking warm water can also reduce the severity of coughing cold and flu experienced by the mother.

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B. Drink Warm Herbal Tea
Besides being beneficial to warm the body, warm tea also relieves the cough of colds and flu that is being experienced by the mother. Tea is also useful for relaxing the mother so that she is not stressed and tense.

C. Inhale Steam
This is a safe way for pregnant women to cope with nasal congestion due to flu. Put hot water in the container, and breathe the steam by covering the towel on the head. This method can relieve nasal congestion and headaches. This method can also make mother's breathing more comfortable, because hot steam comes out.

D. Rest
The flu can drastically reduce the body's immunity. So to fight various diseases in the middle of the body's immune system is decreasing, resting can be a weapon to strengthen immunity.

E. Always Dispose of Mucus
When coughing or flu it is better to spit out and remove the mucus, if not removed it will cause other health problems. Mucus is a form of the body's defense to remove bacteria or dirt, so it should always be discarded.

F. Try not to leave the house
When the weather is not good, the mother should not go out of the house because it will make the cough and flu that gets worse. better to rest at home first until completely healed.

G. Consumption of fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C
Try to always consume fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, because it can strengthen your immune system.

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