When does your child need Play Therapy?

Play therapy allows children to express their psychological needs, project images of themselves and channel their feelings freely and without coercion. Play Therapy Procedure in accordance with PTUK (United Kingdom)

Who needs a Play Therapy approach?
Children who have experienced traumatic events such as:

  • victims of emotional violence,
  • victims of physical violence,
  • victims of sexual violence,
  • victims of bullying,
  • perpetrators of bullying,
  • victims of divorce from parents,
  • grieving,
  • repeated nightmares of children with physical disabilities
  • Children who have behavioral problems such as aggression, excessive anger, skipping school, withdrawing, difficulty communicating, difficulty building emotional closeness with others
  • Children who do not show academic / social performance according to their abilities
  • children with Spectrum Autism, ADD, ADHD
  • Activities in Play Therapy:

    Art & Creative Visualization:

  • story telling
  • Drama
  • Puppets & Masks
  • Music, Dance & Movement
  • Sandplay / Sandworlds

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