Vitamin A deficiency, Treatment and Prevention

Vitamin A has a very important role not only for the eyes but for other organs such as the skin of the urinary tract and the respiratory tract. Vitamin A also functions as one of the body's strongholds against various diseases. Vitamin A deficiency can afflict anyone, not only those who are economically capable can experience it.

Causes of vitamin a deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency results from several factors as follows
- Poverty
- Lack of concern for health
- Lack of knowledge of the benefits and dangers of vitamin a deficiency.
- Lack of knowledge about the variety of foods containing vitamin a.

Health problems that can result from vitamin A deficiency

Some diseases or disorders due to vitamin A deficiency include:

- Night blindness
  Night blindness is a disease in which sufferers cannot see clearly so often hit objects in
  surrounding especially in the afternoon.
- Xerophthalmia
  Xerophthalmia occurs when night blindness worsens the characteristics of the eyes become sensitive to light the tear gland stops functioning so that the eyeball becomes dry on the cornea white spots will appear which if not treated immediately will cause blindness.
- Bitot spots or damage to the retina
- Disorders of growth and development at the age of children
- Damage that occurs in the bones and formation of teeth
- Freno derma foot skin and scaly hands
- Respiratory tract infections


Treatment for vitamin A deficiency is done by administering high-dose vitamin A capsules. The normal needs of adult men are around 4,000 IU or around 2.4 milligrams in the form of carotene every day.


Prevention of vitamin A deficiency is carried out in the following two ways:
Short-term: By giving vitamin A every 6 months to children under five who can obtain at  existing health facilities/ drug store
Long-term: Providing counseling or health education about healthy eating patterns, benefits and foods that contain vitamin A

Food Variety of Vitamin A Source

Many foods are sources of vitamin A that can be used as choices for consumption,
for example Spinach, Dragon fruit, Paprika, Apple, Basil, Carrot, Mango, etc

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