Parenting Tips - Preparing to become a parent

In this discussion, you will be invited to take a trip that is the beginning of your baby's life, that is, since the egg is fertilized by a spe-rm until the baby is born. For nine amazing months of development in the womb, tiny embryos will grow and develop into fetuses and then become perfect babies ready to be born.

You can imagine for a moment what the life of the child in the womb might be, getting food and protection 24 hours a day from your body. the womb is his first home, where he feels safe and protected.

Your baby can hear your voice and heartbeat, and feel your breath's rhythm and your constant movements. After your baby is born and in the following month, he will regain that comfort every time you hug him tightly. An understanding of it all is the key to success in becoming a parent.

The baby grows and develops very fast, which helps him adjust to the first year after he is born,
with challenges that exist outside the womb so that he can survive.

However, compared to other mammal creatures, their independence develops more slowly. According to some experts, human babies experience 18 months of formation, nine months in the womb, and nine months outside the uterus. Extra care in this first year will help his brain develop and increase amazing learning capacity.

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