14 Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Health

Water is the most important element of life and is vital for the function of every cell. The human body consists of 60-70 percent water - an average of 72.5 kg of fat. Especially for women, it consists of approximately 63.5 liters of water!

People who drink less than two glasses (0.5 liters) of water a day are categorized as very dehydrated and the risk of having a heart attack is doubled compared to people who drink more than five glass (1.25 liters). Their heart can enlarge twice the normal size and throbbing twice as fast as a healthy, well-hydrated heart. When you lack fluids, your blood becomes very heavy viscous, the more difficult the normal circulation, burdening the entire circulation system. You will also feel nervous, dizzy, and tired and more easily suffer from headaches.

Water should be the main drink when you feel thirsty-even before it feels thirsty. You should drink six to eight glasses of water every day, and drink more when you exercise or in a hot environment. This is what water does to help us function optimally:

Here are 14 benefits of water for the health of our bodies
1. Make your stomach full and full
2. Increase metabolic rate (additional benefit: drinking two glasses of cold water can burn 50 additional calories)
3. Lowering blood pressure
4 Smooth the skin
5. Boosts immunity
6. Prevent several types of headaches
7. Help remove toxins produced during fat burning
8. Regulate body temperature
9. Bring nutrients and oxygen to all body cells
10. Protect and become a cushion for important organs and joints of the body.
11. Helps turn food into energy
12. Be a means of transportation to dispose of waste from the body
13. Allows an extraordinary increase in blood flow during pregnancy
14. Helps the brain to focus and concentrate

To make drinking water more attractive, try natural sweeteners: Fill your glass with mint leaves or pieces of orange, lemon, strawberry, cucumber, or ginger. Store water in the refrigerator or use a dispenser. Look for bottles that can store cold water for you to carry while traveling. (Additional benefit: You are no longer contributing to the 2.5 million plastic bottles that, according to the Clean Air Council, are used every hour in America)

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