Benefits of Green Tea For Your Body Health

Recent research published from Taiwan found that just drinking one cup of green tea every day can dramatically reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Benefits of Green Tea For Your Body Health

In studies of people who don't smoke, the protective effect reaches five times. While in smokers, the protective effect is only doubled. Including reducing the risk of lung cancer up to 12 times. Other studies have found that the more green tea a person drinks, the lower their risk of suffering from various types of cancer, including stomach, prostate, colorectal, esophageal, and pancreatic cancers.

According to the NIH, more research is stating that green tea can help control weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. So, green tea is a useful lifter in many ways, helping you manage your weight while giving you all its amazing health benefits. Buy organic green tea and drink it before or after meals (preferably at lunch, because the caffeine in green tea can interfere with sleep if you drink it dinner.)

If you drink it before eating, green tea helps you eat more slowly and, thus, eat less. If you drink it after eating, you give the stomach a sign, "Okay, meal time is over!" Thus, this reduces the desire to increase the size of your meal. Time needed: 5 minutes to boil water and brew a cup of tea.

Let's start healthy living habits from now on :)

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