Recognizing Dangerous Signs of Heart Attack

"Am I having a heart attack?" is the most common question thrown in the emergency department. And, although many people feel embarrassed when the symptoms they experience are not heart attacks, we always reassure their true condition - it's better to be alert than to feel sorry later. The faster it is handled, the better the results.

Recognizing Dangerous Signs of Heart Attack

The first hour after a heart attack, you are at high risk of sudden death, and your heart suffers the greatest damage. However, if handled quickly, you have a great opportunity to get through a crisis and recover completely.

Heart attacks can be triggered by stress, very high-fat foods, sudden strenuous activity (for example, digging the ground after passive heavy activity for four months), even during the daytime - heart attacks are more common at 4-10 morning than any other time.

Some of the most common heart attack symptoms are:
- uncomfortable pressures or sensations such as squeezing, tightness, or pain in the middle of the chest that last for a few minutes or come and go
- discomfort in the upper body, such as one or
both arms, back, neck, jaw and stomach.
- shortness of breath, usually occurring together or before arising
discomfort in the chest
- heart rhythm that beats fast as in a race
- a cold sweat
- nausea or vomiting
- feeling light or fainting
- worried

Some people, especially those who are elderly, suffer from diabetes, and are female-can experience additional or different symptoms of a heart attack. From the list above.
- abdominal pain
- unusual or unexplained fatigue

Heart attacks can be disguised as a number of different diseases, and vice versa. True, you may only experience panic attacks or fainting. You may only suffer from simple digestive problems. If you are worried about your health, contact your doctor or emergency department immediately.

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