Welcoming Your Baby's Arrival

Staring, touching, and hugging your baby, then praising her little body - these are the first moments you start becoming a mother.  The moment of intimacy during the first hour of this miracle.  When you welcome your child, an extraordinary interaction takes place between you two.

Welcoming your baby's arrival

During the first hour after the baby is born the levels of love hormones that increase during labor make you and your child respond to each other.  Nature ensure you both stay awake and with your eyes open ready to meet each other.  Even your baby is awake for hours.  When you both stare at each other for the first time the process of introducing and falling in love begins. 

Although most mothers can immediately feel the emotional closeness with them it remains normal if the closeness can only arise slowly.  So don't worry if you feel alienated at first and don't feel close to your newborn baby.  Because the labor and birth process is quite heavy sometimes also influential. Other than that do not need to worry also if contact with your baby can not occur during the first hour for example for medical reasons.

The important thing is to use your first opportunity when contact occurs with your baby to be alone with him in a warm room, open his shirt and hug him until your skin touch each other.  From there the first hour you lost to be in contact with it will be replaced immediately.

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