7 Disease Signs Based On The Size Of Your Waist Circumference

The size of your waist circumference and its correlation with disease

Recent research from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles found that women aged 35-64 years at risk of stroke three times higher than men of the same age.  Could this be the biggest risk factor?  This is what people believe. 

Men tend to know the size of their waist circumference because it is needed when buying pants.  However, women will usually stay calm for years in the improper excitement about their waistlines.  Unfortunately, this is not a happy thing for the brain.  As a comparison of almost all indicators health, our waistlines tell about a collection of bad things that happen in the body.  Although, in general, middle-aged women have healthy cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure than men, waist size can save dangerous conditions that will distort the positive health conditions they now have.  If a woman's waist circumference is more than 89 cm (or 101.5 cm for men), the following risks will increase dramatically: 

1. Stroke (increased by 400 percent!) 
2. Cardiovascular disease
3, Type 2 diabetes 
4. High blood pressure 
5. Heart failure 
6. Systemic inflammation 
7. Asthma 

So if your waist circumference increases by a few centimeters, instead of losing weight, focus on priorities to reduce your waist circumference.  Even in women who have normal weight, the addition of a waist circumference of 10 cm for several years can increase the risk of heart attack by 15 percent, compared with women whose waist circumference does not increase.  And, if you tend to maintain your weight with a diet rather than exercise, you might become "fat" Your body's frame might be lean but active fat metabolism might hide inside, around the internal organs.  

If your body weight is normal but rarely active, body composition may be more appropriate to determine the level of risk and increase your activity will be very significant to reduce the risk of disease. 

For most people, measuring waist circumference is a matter of volume.  Wrap the measuring tape around your abdomen, just above the navel, and record the results.  Repeat every week, noting the changes that occur.  (Note: Don't be surprised right away if you add a few centimeters during your period. This happens to everyone!) Keep reminding yourself of the bonus that will be obtained with a smaller waist circumference: More energy, easier breathing, not in swimsuits,  no worries, can wear attractive clothes even belts!

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