20 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

In general, humans are in a state of autopilot, moving quickly in life and work without really paying attention to everything.

Mindfulness meditation is one way to train the brain to pay attention and appreciate the details of experience to feel the pleasure of an event in your life. Besides, it can also get significant health benefits at the same time.

People are often very intimidated with their practice, but this mindfulness meditation is really very simple. You just sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine one aspect of your recent experience, concentrating on one thing for a specific time. 

You can start by observing the airflow in and air out of your nose or the stomach's rise and fall when you breathe. When your attention is divided, and this will happen !! Just stop the thought and return to your breathing (or whatever you noticed).

This is the whole practice. You don't need additional mental training. Just remind yourself to return your attention to breathing. That is the point. So simple. 

You may need to direct yourself hundreds of times in five minutes. Every time this happens, you are like undergoing a mental push-up that makes your brain healthier. We admit this is more difficult than it sounds as we tend to be distracted by the little thoughts that come to our heads: "The air is too hot." "Have I paid the bill?" "What's for dinner tonight?" 

The practice of mindfulness meditation will gradually help calm this internal conversation so that your brain can be more focused and intact in your life. 

If all of this sounds strange, we want you to know that you don't need to be a monk or hide in a monastery. Indeed, mindfulness meditation is not related to any religion. This practice has been extensively studied in clinical conditions for years.

More than 20,000 studies, reviews, and papers examining various aspects have been registered at the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine. Some of them state that this simple process will provide tremendous physical, mental, and emotional health benefits without harmful side effects if done over a long period. Even with just five minutes every day, you will immediately see improvement.  

This study states that mindfulness meditation can:

  1. Reduce stress levels 
  2. Reduce pain 
  3. Reduce cortisol levels, stress hormones associated with early cognitive decline 
  4. Improve adrenal gland function 
  5. Lower heart rate and breathing 
  6. Lower blood pressure 
  7. Reduce insomnia due to excessive concern 
  8. Enhancing immune system function 
  9. Increasing the antibody response to flu vaccines.
  10. Increases energy 
  11. Reduces turmoil in the digestive system 
  12. Reduces anger, depression, and anxiety 
  13. Reduces repetitive negative thinking 14. Increases empathy for oneself and others 
  14. Increases attention span and ability to get work done 
  15. Reduces thinking judgmental 
  16. Improves the ability to immediately refocus after the mind is split 
  17. Thickened cerebral cortex, brain regions associated with emotional planning and regulation 
  18. Reduces automatic emotional reactions (such as anger outbursts or panic attacks).  
  19. Increase the gray area and increase the size of the brain (literally!) People from various cultures do mindfulness meditation. 

With 5 minutes of practice every day, you will immediately see improvements. This is the best health improvement ever.

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