How To Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy

How To Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy - A Few Doctor Tips

Exercise is not only important for heart health, but also for your future as a human being.  Sport gives you more energy to play with children or grandchildren, helps you feel strong and self-confident to dance at weddings, play volleyball while on a picnic, or just catch a bus.

How To Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy

People who like to laze on the couch tend to have arteries that are blocked by bad cholesterol, calcium, and fat deposits.  Conversely, exercise can lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart, help you deal with stress better, and increase the body's ability to utilize oxygen that makes your skin flush red, healthy, and elastic.

Exercise increases levels of HDL, good cholesterol which clears arterial blockages and decreases the risk of other heart diseases.  Exercise also increases the body's ability to move sugar (instead of fat) from the bloodstream into the muscles, helping to prevent diabetes while increasing the calorie-burning muscle mass. 

In essence, exercise is a medicine for the heart, the most effective, efficient, safe and healthy treatment we have and the use of this type of drug will determine how many quality years your heart has on earth.

Doctors understand that work leaves you only a little time.  However, even though the doctor will nod sympathetically to hear this reason, your heart is not that easy to forgive you.

What if I dont have time?

If you don't have time, try to get up early, use the weekend more efficiently, make exercise a top priority after work, ideally before you get home.  (After arriving home, most people find it difficult to take the time to go to the fitness center.) Make a ritual with your partner.

The best cardio exercise is what you really do.  As a goal, try to reach 100-150 heart beats per minute for 30-45 minutes per day, or 4-5 days every week.  Contact your doctor immediately to let you know that you have started an exercise program.  And don't forget one simple thing: keep moving!  You will get meaningful benefits.  You will feel better, look better, and sleep better.  And, your heart will thank you for it.

As we said before, by treating your heart properly, you will feel an improvement in your health condition.  Every change you make to make your heart healthy will also have a positive impact on your brain.  We will dig deeper and find a 5-minute improvement that will sharpen your mind and make you wiser in living these additional years

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