Knowing the symptoms of fake pregnancy

A fake pregnancy or pseudocysis is a condition in which a woman considers herself to be pregnant but is actually not pregnant. In these circumstances, the mother will feel the common symptoms as experienced by pregnant women. For example, not getting menstruation, stomach is getting bigger, nausea, dizziness, and breast dilated.

fake pregnancy

Fake pregnancies are actually rare. The cause is not yet known for certain, although some say that this is usually the case for a newly miscarriage mother or a disorganized mother. Therefore, if you happen to experience this, do not hesitate to ask the doctor.

Fake pregnancies usually occur in mothers approaching 40 years old who have long yearned for children and years of trying to conceive. Because of that, despite its emotions Stable, a woman can be very shaken when people repeatedly urge when she has children. There is suspected counterfeit pregnancy to occur not because of emotions, but because of hormonal imbalance that occurs suddenly.

Fake pregnancies are usually difficult to diagnose, especially in early ' pregnancy '. The uterus remains normal, and the test results for pregnancy are also negative.

In line with the increasing age of ' pregnancy ', the mother's stomach will enlarge. Similarly with breasts. However, when the examination is done more closely, there is no medical evidence as a sign of pregnancy. To overcome and prevent the occurrence of unwanted things, especially those involving the emotions of the mother, husband and family roles are indispensable.

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