A Wide Range Of Pregnancy Tests For Prospective Mothers

Every prospective mother is usually very curious to see if she is actually pregnant. This is normal because the pregnancy has been eagerly awaited. To ensure this, couples are advised to conduct inspections to ensure their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests For Prospective Mothers

1. Urine test with Test Pack

A urine test can be done alone or in a laboratory. Usually, a prospective mother will perform a urine test at home first to find out her pregnancy. Then do a urine test in the laboratory to confirm the pregnancy again.

Currently, the pregnancy test equipment in various ways and forms has been widely sold free. All tools have the same way of working, i.e., looking at hCG levels in the urine.

Pregnancy tests can usually detect pregnancy after a late menstrual period of 8-30 days. Indeed, some women can already know her pregnancy before the late period of the week. However, some women are still struggling to detect it, so it is necessary to re-check a week later. If, at this time, still not able to detect pregnancy, a blood test needs to be assisted.

2. Blood test

Blood tests to determine the occurrence of pregnancy, especially in the case of infertility. This test can detect the possibility of pregnancy before your menstrual day, even the week before. Through blood screening, pregnancy is faster to be known. A faster blood test can detect levels of hCG that begin to increase by one-week post-fertilization.

3. Ultrasonography Test

Ultrasonography or USG is performed if the urine or blood test does not give definite results. For USG, the examination is done in certain cases. Usually, this test is done at least ten days of late menstruation.

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