Asthma, The symptoms, Complications, Cause, What you And Your Doctor's Can Do

Asthma is a symptom caused by airway disorders in the form of increased sensitivity to stimulation from the environment as a trigger. Triggers for these symptoms can be in the form of fatigue of the mind (emotional disturbances), physical fatigue, unexpected changes in the environment (weather, humidity, temperature, smoke, especially cigarette smoke and stimulating odors, respiratory infections especially certain influenza diseases and allergic reactions from ingredients that are inhaled or eaten.

Asthma, The symptoms, Complications, Cause and prevention

The degree of symptoms of respiratory tract sensitivity begins with mild symptoms (in the form of colds/sneezing or coughing that often recurs) to severe symptoms of asthma attacks (difficulty breathing). This situation is actually marked by the background of allergic reactions.

The emergence of several levels of sensitivity symptoms recorded / can be expressed by the patient usually begins from childhood. Approximately 50% of symptoms will heal by themselves, although one day these symptoms will appear again at a more severe level of symptoms that are often given the term asthma.

About 55-60% of respiratory allergies can be passed on to children or grandchildren and the rest is caused by lack of environmental pollution or still not getting attention, therefore new symptoms appear as adults not because it is a strange thing. Here, what will be discussed is asthma.

a. The symptoms of Asthma

Someone who has a talent for allergic asthma, if you get the triggering factors mentioned above will show the mildest level of symptoms (runny nose/sneezing, cough accompanied by a throat that feels very itchy so that the cough is difficult to control) to severe levels of asthma (shortness of breath accompanied by difficulty when releasing air and causing sounds such as whistling and sweating
pulse rate increased).

These complaints are often raised at night before morning and subsequently, complaints disappear or are better after around 9:00 in the morning.

Trigger factors for heavy exercise will cause cough symptoms in someone who has asthma talent.

b. Complications of Asthma

Narrowing/obstruction of the airways that occur will have the potential to be fatal to the soul, because the phlegm is very concentrated (sticky) and is very difficult to remove, will prevent ventilation (in and out) of air.

c. Cause of Asthma

The basic problem in asthma lies in respiratory disorders in the form of a reaction/inflammation (due to allergies) caused by exposure to ingredients including:

  • Dust from cotton mattresses (especially old ones), rugs, sofas, clothes that are kept long in the cupboard, ceiling of the house, old books/paper records, and others.
  • Foodstuffs are the main types of sea fish, cow's milk, eggs, chocolate, beans, and others. Medium groups of food ingredients that have irritating characteristics include spicy, cold, gummy, sweet/sour, salty, and others. Not a cause but as a trigger.
  • The environment includes feathers from agricultural materials (pollen, straw, grasses, bagasse, etc.), materials derived from feathers and feces of poultry and domestic animals.

d. What you can do

  • Consult your doctor if there is a suspicion of asthma/breathing sounds or symptoms that are suspicious of the process that will start asthma.
  • Take medication that your doctor gives you to treat breathing difficulties or symptoms that you suffer, as directed.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions to take care of your health so that you can overcome/alleviate the difficulties that you often encounter and match your experiences, everyone has a unique experience.

e. Doctor's actions for you

Ensure diagnosis, rule out other causes of breathing difficulties originating outside lung disease and look for possible triggers.
  • Make a recipe:
  1. Bronchodilator drugs  (drugs to dilate the airways), Drugs to stabilize the allergic state that you are experiencing include beta2-agonists & steroids.
  2. The steroid drug group has anti-inflammatory properties as well and is used for severe inflammatory reactions, therefore it is only used in cases of urgency as well.
  • Encourage you to be hospitalized, if it is seen that there may be difficulties in carrying out road care and life-threatening.
  • Overcoming complications, if there is a germ infection, interference with the degree of acidity of the patient's blood, heart problems and others.
  • Train you on the ways to handle light attacks of asthma by yourself and avoid heavy or repeated attacks.

f. Prevention of Asthma

  • Try to find and avoid materials that trigger asthma attacks. Every time you suffer from an asthma attack, pay attention to what you have just eaten, done, felt or ingredients before an asthma attack occurs and maybe you can find a connection between exposure and the arrival of asthma.
  • Because dust in the house is a common cause, keep your home environment clean from dust, especially from old cotton/paper, clean the floor every day, use vinyl/leather for chair cushions so it is easy to clean up. Wear a mask, when the floor is being swept or changing sheets.
  • Regular exercise regularly or regularly both to increase the strength of the lungs and heart and get physical fitness, although in some individuals exercise can trigger asthma attacks, but most sufferers feel the benefit of mild exercise, even for those who are susceptible to exercise, can practice safely after smoking an asthma inhaler before doing sports.
  • Try to regulate your life regularly, because if your habits are often disturbed, if coupled with psychological stress, you will experience an ama attack.
  • Try to eat vegetables (leaves) because this habit will enhance your body's resistance in the face of infection factors.
  • Every time you face a problem, small or large, trivial or important, you are encouraged to work hard and emotionally. This is very important to get special attention because emotional factors play an important role as triggers of asthma attacks and asthma healing

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