Vitamin C, Benefits, And Risk of Deficiency

Vitamin C is a popular vitamin category.  In addition to being used to treat colds, people are also accustomed to taking vitamin C when the body is not fit, hoping to overcome their mild illness.

Vitamin C, Benefits, And Risk of Deficiency

Benefits of vitamin C for the body

What are the benefits for the body?  Children who do not like fruits and vegetables will not get vitamin C. Whereas vitamin C has a myriad of benefits (more than 300 benefits) that are good for health, some of which are:

  • Maintaining a healthy immune system 
  • Preventing thrush agents
  • Preventing nitrite 
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Helps absorption of iron and sharpens awareness 
  • Prevents colds 
  • Prevents infections 
  • Antioxidants (neutralizes free radicals throughout the body) 
  • Prevents glaucoma 
  • Calcium absorption 
  • Accelerates wound healing, bruising, minor bleeding and minor injuries 
  • Helps prevent fractures against asthma symptoms
  • Protect the body from cigarette smoke and various pollutants 
  • Reduce the risk of hypertension and heart disease

Vitamin C deficiency 

Vitamin C deficiency can cause mouth sores, both in the mouth and stomach, rough skin, unhealthy gums so that the teeth are easily shaken and loose, bleeding under the skin (around the eyes and gums), fatigue, weak muscles, and depression. The initial symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are bleeding around the teeth and damaging blood vessels under the skin.  Lack of lots of vitamin C results in nervous system and muscle tension.  This can cause muscle damage as well as pain, nerve disorders, and depression.  

Further symptoms are anemia, frequent infections, rough skin, and failure to heal wounds.  When a person consumes large amounts of vitamin C in the form of supplements in the long run, the body adjusts it to destroy and secrete excess vitamin C than usual. 

If consumption is then suddenly reduced, the body will not stop this process, causing scurvy.

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