The Need for Balanced Nutrition in the Child's Growth Period

Who doesn't want their children to grow up healthy.  "Healthy" is greatly desired by all parents amid the onslaught of eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyles - among the many diseases that lurk around your baby. In addition to maintaining children's health, good nutrition will also prevent children from getting sick later when they grow up.

Balanced Nutrition in the Child's Growth Period

Healthy is one of the keys to the success of your children in the future.  Healthy cannot be created instantly because it must start from the smallest habits, such as always eating food with complete and balanced nutrition.  The recommended food composition according to the General Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition  is one that ensures the balance of nutrients.  The trick is of course to consume nutritious food every day.  Try to eat a variety of foods because each food can complement the nutrients it contains.  Food must contain nutrients that have three important functions for the body, namely:
  1. As a source of energy: carbohydrates, protein, and fat
  2. Able to maintain body tissues and growth: protein, minerals, and water
  3. Regulate processes in the body  : protein, minerals, water and vitamins

If daily food contains all three of these nutrients, undoubtedly the growth and development of children will be satisfying, both physically and mentally. 
From each group one or more types of food were chosen according to the availability of the foodstuff in the market, "bag condition", and children's preference. 

The important thing is:
  1. Eat a variety of foods
  2. Get used to breakfast
  3. Limit consumption of fats and oils to a quarter of energy needs
  4. Use iodized salt
  5. Drink clean water, safe, sufficient amounts
  6. Perform physical activity and exercise regularly
  7. Eat foods that are safe for health 
  8. Read labels on packaged foods. 
  9. Avoid presenting foods and drinks that are not good, such as too many sweet foods, soft drinks, and fruit-flavored drinks. 
Paying attention to providing nutrition to children should be prioritized.  The right amount of nutrition, in addition to making children physically grow better, can also prevent them from the risk of diseases, such as obesity, bone loss, and diabetes.

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