Bad Habits Before and After Eating that should be avoided

Every day we consume various types of food needed to maintain a healthy body, a source of energy for activities, and for the survival of the body's defense systems. But many of us apply the wrong habits both before eating or after eating so that it causes health problems.

Bad Habits When and After Eating that should be avoided

Bad Habits Before and After Eating that should be avoided
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So that the eating activities that we do every morning, afternoon, and evening are not just routine but also can still provide benefits for the health of the body, it is necessary to consider what should not be done during or after eating, as follows:

Eat fruit after eating.

This habit is mostly done by some people, and this is a less good effect on health. The habit of eating fruit after eating can inhibit the process of digestion in the stomach. Food requires digestion time in the stomach for approximately 1-2 hours. Eating fruit will cause the digestive process to be problematic. If this is done continuously and becomes a habit, it can cause symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and so on. Therefore, the fruit should be consumed when the stomach is empty and there is a gap of about 1-2 hours before the main meal.

Drink besides water.

It has been recognized that the best water for friends to eat is water. Drinking tea while eating can prevent the intestines from digesting protein. Tannins in tea that affect food so difficult to digest. In addition, tea interferes with the absorption of iron in the intestine. In addition, it is not recommended to drink coffee or milk when eating.

Smoking after eating.

The bad effects of cigarettes increase 10-fold when smoked after eating. This is caused, the ingredients in cigarettes disrupt the high blood circulation that the body needs to digest food. The risk of damage to blood vessels in the heart, brain and liver becomes higher. But unfortunately, there are still many smokers who end their eating activities by smoking a cigarette.

Take a shower after eating.

Bathing after eating can affect the increase in the amount of blood flow on the surface of the body, conversely the amount of blood flow in the intestine and stomach decreases, this results in decreased digestive function in the stomach and intestines.

Exercise after eating.

After eating, you should give a time lag if you want to exercise. Exercise immediately after eating makes the abdominal cavity load increased which causes interference with digestion.

Driving a car.

After eating, need a short break before driving. The use of large amounts of energy by the body in digesting food sometimes temporarily results in the cerebrum shortening of blood, which results in decreased concentration.

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