Tips for caring for diabetics' feet

Diabetes if left unchecked can be a trigger for complications related to body organs. The most common is peripheral neuropathy which is a symptom of loss of sensation, the initial symptoms that can appear in the form of ulcers in the legs. For that, we need education for foot care to prevent ulcers.

Tips for caring for diabetics' feet

Treatments that must be carried out are:

  • Wash feet daily with soap
  • Dry the feet and toes
  • Cut nails evenly across
  • Apply lotion evenly to keep skin soft
  • Change your socks every day
  • Keep your feet always warm and dry
  • Always use footwear when walking
  • Always use shoes that are comfortable to wear
  • Check your shoes every day, if there are objects that hurt the skin
  • Walking every day will make your blood circulation smooth and make you healthier
By applying these treatment tips, I hope you can live a better life

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