Tips for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Pregnant and nursing women have special treatment compared to those who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Because of this privilege, pregnant and nursing women get different treatment.

Tips for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Tips for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women
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Here are some things that should be done by pregnant and nursing women so that babies born and raised can be children who have excellent health.

Breast Care

Perform treatment by using Baby Oil and massage around the breast during pregnancy, especially for pregnant women who have nipples plumped into

Calorie requirements

If a woman's reproductive age energy needs are 2100 kcal/day, a nursing mother needs an average intake of 2700 kcal/day. An additional 500-700 kcal is required for the purposes of biosynthesis of breast milk. Not all of the extra energy must be obtained from the intake of food consumed every day. 200 kcal is available in the mother's body in the form of a reserve deposit that has been formed since the start of the pregnancy process. The remaining 300-500 kcal/day is expected to be obtained from the mother's daily food intake.

Drinking Needs

To increase milk production, mothers should consume green vegetables, nuts, milk, other nutritious foods, and drink at least 8 glasses a day, from the time the baby is still in the womb until the baby is born

Increasing milk production

The energy intake of nursing mothers who are less than 1500 kcal per day can reduce milk production by 15%. The total fat content will decrease accompanied by changes in the pattern of existing fatty acids. The immune component in breast milk including colostrum will be low in quantity as the nutritional status of the breastfeeding mother gets worse

Proper breastfeeding

Proper breastfeeding will decrease maternal weight during the period of breastfeeding. In the first six months of breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers generally will experience a weight loss of 0.6-0.8 kg / kg Body Weight/month. Exclusive breastfeeding with proper lactation management will even lead to optimal weight loss. Breastfeeding after a six-month-old baby will also result in a decrease in the mother's weight, even with a lower acceleration compared to the first six months of breastfeeding.

Women with nutritional problems are still able to produce milk normally. But extreme and prolonged conditions of malnutrition can affect the content of some substances found in breast milk. The more often the milk is pumped, the more milk it will produce. To pump breast milk, it is better to directly massage the breasts using our hands rather than pumping using tools, because using breast milk hands will be increasingly stimulated to be able to produce. The results will get even more by using the hand compared to using a pump

One of the activities recommended for mothers after childbirth is puerperal gymnastics. This exercise is done from the first day after giving birth until the tenth day. In its implementation, it must be done gradually, systematically, and continuously. If the mother gives birth early ambulation, it can facilitate the occurrence of uterine involution process/return of the uterus to its original form

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